Too early to sex?

Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking around for a very long time researching as much as I can… I’ve started my first grow, with 3 bagseed, and a single known seed my friend hooked me up with called cheesequake. This plant has really taken off! Nice and full/bushy, smelly as ever! It has easily outgrown the others by almost double. I finally noticed preflowers today and I’m really hoping it’s not a male… is it too early to tell? Amy help is appreciated!

It’s a little early but it looks female to me


I agree kinda early, but im leaning towards female bc if the 2nd pict.

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Whats your lighting schedule

My light schedule is 24/0

Well they should not be flowering if your lights are on 24/0 unless there autoflower .So i’m not sure how to answers

After seedlings stage cannabis, even auto flowers, need a dark period to rest. Even something like 20/4 or better yet 18/6.
I mentioned the second pict. Made me lean towards fem. Well i cant remeber, or spell, what those things are called,i think “Bracts”, but its almost never crossed in males, not all females are crossed, but ones that are are typically females. Its just one of thisr little things helps you get an idea of sex a little sooner.

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Should I kick the timer back to 18/6? The only reason I had it 24/0 is because I read that cannabis doesn’t need any dark periods until flower;and that with a dark period it just takes a bit longer and you save some electricity,did I mess everything up?

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YOu need the dark time to tell the plant its time to flower thats why im puzzled if you had them on 24hr light plants work on light not size or time plants need at least 12 hrs dark to flower

I agree on its to early to tell definitely but does apper to be female
If you reduce lights now you may find your plants in flower even at a 18/6 schedule since photos will react to the lower light
Suggestion lower light schedule slowly over the next few weeks
@Familyman420 is correct about rest periods as well
Ill start my seeds sunder 24-7 but switch to 18-6 one or two days after they sprout


Dont stress to much. Just dial it back to between 18/6-20/4. I run 18/6 during veg, and with autos the whole time, After that first week of 24/7. Yours may seem like they slow down for just a bit while they adjust, but after that they should take back off and thank you for the rest.


But the main thing is why did they flower if he had the on 24 hr light


It doesn’t look like they started to “flower” , it just barely is enough to tell the sex. Id lean towards fem. I dont think at 24/7or18/6 its going to go much past showing the sex, unless its an auto, after a few weeks of veg. secondary growth, it will get bushier and have more node regions, depending on strain, it will be reaching sexual maturity, meaning it will start to show its sex regardless of the light schedule. By going to 10/14 or 12/12 you can “force flower” them. If kept on 18/6 it will keep on vegging.
Im not an expert though, see if any of the more experienced growings chime in.??

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Your correct @Familyman420 it not flowering just just showing signs of being mature enough yo flower :hibiscus:

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Thanks for all the insight, everyone. I feel more confident that this cheesequake could be a female. :slight_smile: I’ll wait a few more weeks and confirm what it Was!



A little further along. Fingers crossed

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Insure it will be as well

Update, one week after switching to 12/12.
Are these little balls?


Those do look like… pre balls, but it’s really too early to tell. Wait a couple of days and keep an eye on it. Post another picture tomorrow, maybe it will be clearer.

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