Too early to harvest?

So I’m about 11 1/2 weeks into flowering… I’ve been just normal watering them with no nutrients for about a week and a half…. Also told by a friend that I needed to leave the ac on even when the lights are off… been doing this for about a week now…. But I’m looking at the pistils and the trichomes and they just don’t look like they are really ready yet…. Any ideas on how much longer these sativas are going to take…. Pistils are about half white half brown…. Trichomes are about the same… half milky and half are still white…. Advice please???!!!


Pictures would help.


From the day you flipped hours to 12/12?
Or from the day you first saw some buttons?

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Pictures would be a big help, but sativas can take 14+ weeks. This is an indica on day 82 from flip, and it still not quite done. I’m planning on Labor Day which will make it 91 days.

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Can you get close up to the trichomes on the bud with a jewelry loupe or :mag:

Reading the trichomes is how you tell

I will be the bearer of bad news. If you have Central AC, you will of course run with lights out.

Now if you using a portable ac and or window. ac to cool the room down, great. But to just continuously run it, you are wasting money. Plain and simple.

You generally won’t get marijuana plants to change color due to colder temperatures. We had our power shut off for 70 hours and 9 minutes in Feb 2021 in Texas. My grow room was 39 degrees aka the whole house was those temps. It stayed green.

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From the time I flipped to 12/12…. Pictures are below it’s very hard to get pictures of the trichomes lol but the trichome picture is both from the same plant

…. And I wasn’t trying to get them to change colors I was told if I leave the ac on even when the lights are off that it’s gonna make them think it’s harvest season…. Cold at night and warm during the day….

Yeah well I just counted and these are 75 days from flip

Processing: image.jpg…

Basically I was told that I needed to keep the ac on even when the lights are off…. Trying to mimic fall…. 60s at night and 70s during the day lol….