Too early to flip?

I have 4 plants in a 4 x 4 tent. One is 88 days old. Looking great, about 20 inches tall, tons of bud sites, ready to flip. Problem is, there are 3 other plants each only 58 days old. I know age wise they are probably ready to flip, but they are so short! Only about a foot tall. Nice, healthy, green, lots of bud sites. I want to flip as soon as possible, but i dont want to flip the young ones too early and get nothing from harvest. Could someone give me some sound advice? Here are pics of my shorties from the side to show height and top to show bud sites.

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You could definitely flip if you chose to. As long as they’re mature enough, which sounds like they are, they’ll start to flower within a couple of weeks.

Buy another grow tent. :joy:.

I know, I’m no help.

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Right on. I just wonder how flipping now vs waiting 3 or 4 weeks will affect yield. Also, bu then, the big girl may be outgrowing her space. Like the guy said…buy another tent.

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I don’t know your situation, but the factor of how much you have on hand vs what you need sooner than later.
I know my last grow schedule dictated my supply, I flipped sooner than later.


You’re right. Where is that second round of stimulus money?

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Well, this grow will be the start of my inventory. It is a medical grow, fully legal in Missouri. I want to start with as much as possible so i dont run out before the next harvest in 5 or 6 months. To get it down to numbers, I’d like these 4 plants to produce AT MINIMUM, 12 oz. so I wont have to buy any for at least 6 months which by then, I will have grown another 12 oz. Do you think i can pull a total of 12 oz if I flip now?

Did you clone any yet? This would be a great start to keep things going faster.
Clone everything, then flip to flower when they to the right size.
For me I need a some ready to go into flower as soon as I clear the tent to keep up, but that requires more space.

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I generally flip at 6-7 weeks and have nice yields. Also allows for more plants and variety

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Thanks! Did you see the pics? The plants are healthy looking, just small. Like I said, I would go ahead and flip if i thought i could get 12 oz. (3 oz per plant). How realistic do you think that would be?

One way or the other, you may have to address the height difference with respect to lighting. You want to have the canopy as even as possible so each plant receives the same light intensity. 8" is a significant difference. Look at any PPFD chart. PPFD drops off significantly as distance from the light increases.
I flipped on day 55. tallest plant was 11"
This one was only 8". All were topped 2x and kept small to avoid any height / light distance issues.

She weighted in at 4 oz, the tallest came in at 4.6 oz
Depending on how they stretch during flower you may need to elevate the shorter ones or bend the tops of the tallest to achieve a more uniform canopy. Good luck

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It depends on alot of factors. Nutes, lights, and genetics. Also being your first grow, i feel like 12 oz may be a tad optimistic. Not trying to discourage you at all, just being honest. Also, why 12 oz? Is it possible this will be much better product and youll need to consume less?

Thank you. Good to know can get 4 oz from a short plant! I have the three smaller ones elevated so the canopies are pretty uniform. All three smallies are 58 days old. Big one is 88 days. I think I’ll stick with my original plan and flip next week. Thanks for all the advice.

12 oz. Will give me at least a 6th month supply while i grow more. Just trying to keep my meds refilled. I hope the strains im growing are as quality as what i get from the dispensaries. I just dont have $500 a month to spend at the dispensary.

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Production is very much light dependent. If you have quality lighting for flower and good grow habits (ph in & out, nutrient ppm etc) you should be able to cover what you are looking for.

I think you will be surprised how much better your stuff is and also, now you know exactly whats in your meds.

What lights are you using?

Mars Hydro TS3000 lights, 440 cfm fan, Fox Farm nutrients, plenty of airflow inside tent, ph balanced water and nutes. Big girl went through a mag deficiency, but I caught it in time to revive her. Flushed like crazy, used FF Sledgehammer, adjusted soil ph with aluminum nitrate, then fed nutes with added CalMag. I know i am a complete novice, but I do a lot of research. Actually kind of cool not knowing how all my efforts will turn out. Like a kid’s first Christmas. Is Santa REALLY coming? If he does will I get a new bike or just a new pair of underwear? Either is nice, but damn I’d rather have the bike. Christmases get less and less exciting the more we experience them. Dude this is like my first Christmas. Come on bike!


I still talk about my first harvest with my brother in law and how we spent hours trimming it.

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That approach will serve you well. I used FF trio for a year. CalMag is a common required supplement. You are well ahead of me when I started about ph. I figured, it is a weed. It will grow in anything. What in the world is ppm…etc. I imagine you can figure out how that turned out. This is the good part about learning and getting help when you need it on the forum. And the good part, Christmas can come 3 or 4 times a year or more often if you want to cycle them. You are off to a good start.

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