Too early to fade?

Shes a ww auto on around day 70ish ( forgot to write down exact date she started). As you can see the tips of the sugar leaves are curling and yellowing. Im growing with supersoil and just wondering if i need to try to figure out whats going on with her or is this just her starting to fade out? I am also thinking this could be a touch of light burn because the lower leaves tips seem to be in much better shape.

What soil (brand and type)? It looks like the beginnings of nitrogen toxicity. She otherwise looks pretty healthy. Do you know your runoff PPM?

Its a homemade blend. Peat, mushroom compost, perlite. Amendments were kelp, alfalfa, bat guano. I did re-amend a couple weeks ago with some all purpose 4-4-4 and 3-9-4. Been giving it weekly recharge as well. If it is nitrogen toxicity how should i attempt to correct? Thanks

Really need to understand PPM to be certain, but it looks like classic nitrogen tox. The burned tips won’t heal, but the plant should be fine if you back off of nitrogen for a week or so.


I will check runoff ppm next watering for sure. Thanks for your input!

This a leaf symptom guide I use

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