Too early to determine the sex?

This germinated at the end of April and was moved outside on 6/20. It’s about 4 feet tall and growing/smelling wonderfully. These white cones arrived near the nodules in the last week with a few showing some sign of change. Curious if anyone could help determining if this is male or female. Thanks in advance.


Probably too early to really tell, but that little protrusion looks like it has a bit of a stem which would be a male flower. Keep an eye on them over the next few days and see what it does.

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You know where to look now you just have to wait for her to lift her skirt.


This is a plant showing both sexes, but it illustrates the differences you are looking for.
The male flower has a short stem on it. Its not always easy to see.
The female flower will shoot out a small white hair (pistil).


Thats not ideal lol