Too early bloom in mid of grow phase, what can be done?

I was on a vacation and my grow lights were messed up during it. Now my Solomatic (auto), Stress killer (auto) and Amnezia haze (fem) are showing some flowering whiskers. Plants are only about 30 cm tall.
What can be done (if anything) to convert them back into grow (since they are still quite small)?

I already cut of the Stress killer top just below the whiskers to test if it turned back into grow but that remains to be seen… I could test the same with Solomatic and maybe try and take a clone from the top grow?

Since amnesia haze is not auto, I should be able to turn it into grow by just changing the light cycle back to 18/6?

This is my 8th grow. Thanks in advance.

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The autos won’t go in veg again but u can get the photo to reveg by putting it in 24hrs light til u see the single leaves form ontop again showing is is vegging again. Autos usually after 30 days or right around there will flower on their own and nothing can be done to change that.

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Autos will be autos they just do what they want

Ok so what kind of tricks I could to the autos to get the most from this?

I have Advanced Nutrients available, could I try and boost the automatics a bit with fertilizers?

No sleep time at all?

No u can but it will kick in reveg a bit faster for ya at 24 hrs lights on for about 2 weeks ish @Jaydawg6528 just did a monster cripwhich is cutting of a clipping if a budded plant getting it to root and reveg it to grow another plant. They will look janky when revegging usually but will take off beautiful after they get going.

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