Too dry! or, not too dry!

Hey guys…new to the Indoor grow scene here. So I 3 questions; First: I forgot to flush my harvest does that make a big difference when it comes time to smoke?

SECOND: The current harvest I have hanging up in one of my tents has been drying for just over 2weeks (17days) now. I have two hydrometer inside; one on the ground and one hanging to make sure I get a reading on the heat that’s rising to dry my harvest. My AH has a tough time staying at 50%. It usually stays at about 44-45%. How do I get it my AH up with damaging my harvest?

THIRD: Do I just do a quick dry in the oven?

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1 some say no some say yes , my guess is it’ll probably be slightly harsher then if you had flushed
2 if you’ve been drying for 2 weeks they’re probably done by now do a gentle pluck test to see if they’re dry enough otherwise humidifier not directly blowing on plants is the best way otherwise you can use a bowl of water with a hand towel in it
3 you can do that for a couple quick buds but I wouldn’t do it to to many cause thatll mess with the overall cure flavor


Thanks, bro! Much appreciated. I have a humidifier in there but it’s not directly blowing on them. I only used it to get a reading on the AH prior to getting my hydrometers. But then I figured it could serve to keep the humidity up. Never heard of the bowl w/ hand towel…again something new. Thanks again…can’t wait to see the results. Keep ya posted!


After 17 days drying you should be ready trim an put in jars for curing, If not already. You can add the mini hydrometers to you jar to see what your moisture level is. Good luck finishing your buds.