Too Cautious? Missed Critical Feeding?

These are northern lights and I went to 12/12 on 6/1. 21 days into flower (pistils on 7/8th day).

I am using Fox Farm Trio (big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom). They are in amended fox farm ocean forest soil (compost, coco, limestone, bone meal, blood meal, and worm casting). The first 50% nutrient application was on 6/7. The second application (85% dose) was 6/15. I feed every other watering. Today would have been a nutrient day. However, I noticed some leaf tips that were slightly bleached so my alarm went off. I raised the light 3" to 25 and dialed back my photo boost strips to 50% (was 75-80%). Decision time, full or partial nutrients or play safe and water only. Having burned up a couple of autos my last grow, I decided on water only and check the runoff. One other thing contributed to this decision. Golly they look great (remember Gomer Pyle), good color and really healthy so maxing nutrients was not a priority.
I did PH and PPM each of the four plants. PH ranged between 6.87 and 6.99 which is basically what original soil PH was. The PPM range was a little more 1067: 1508; 1719 and 2319 compared to original slurry of 2007.
Here is part of my ledger where I track PH, PPM, EC and also temp / humdity for VPD (not included)

Based on the reading did I over react given PH is stable with no apparent salt buildup?

I honestly have no clue why the PPM varies so much.

Will their flowering capacity be adversely affected?

The next watering will be in 3 or 4 days, use full scheduled nutrients then - Yes / No?

Am I reading this correctly? Missing something?


Ppm varies based on what the plant needs, and those needs are always changing. I recommend a full feeding if that’s what you’ve been doing.

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Should I lower the scrog a couple of inches? The flowers on the tallest plant are 3-4 inches above the net while the shortest is a couple inches below. I don’t want the net to mess up colas formation.
@Myfriendis410 thoughts / feedback on topic subject would be appreciated (remember my amnesia haze)

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That is what I am thinking. They will get full dose next water. I couldn’t imagine the PH would be wildly off because they just hadn’t been fed that much. But I just needed to confirm that before giving them anymore. thanks

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You can lower it; won’t hurt but I looked at your plant and I think it will likely grow into the screen a bit more. You might go ahead and lower it just for GP but plants look fine.

When feeding I would not be above 1,200 ppm input in soil. Whatever ‘full strength’ is with FF trio it’s safe to keep below that number. I also break out my cal mag from feeding and only deliver on water-only days.


Thanks I use cal mag on water only days so good there. Full dose of the trio should be between 1100 - 1200. Appreciate your looking at it.

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@Cannabian your picture of that huge tree you dropped motivated me to take down this 40 year old scotch pine. We had several of them in the garden I used to maintain for christmas trees.

This is the next one. It is SE of our garden and blocks the good morning sun It is blocking the good sun to this garden
Northern lights photo Jack Herer autos


nice job! Was it this one…

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good idea woth the house wrap!

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You had to lay down on some decking.

Just my thoughts, you have entered flowering, rolling back on the light would be my last choice, I would run at least 75 percent and if it feels warm to the hand at canopy height I would raise the lamp not lower intensity. The reason is the light intensity has a lot to do with penetration. If you turn it down the light energy dramatically decreases with distance from the fixture.

Oh yeah we did a job in a mobike home park, pretty typical. I hate working in those places but it pays ok.

50% was short lived maybe 4-5 hours. Dialed it back up to 75-80 once I got the PH & PPM readings and knew I didn’t have any issues other than light height. They seem to really love the combination of the Kind and the Photo Boost strips. I am going to enjoy watching those nodes fill in.

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yes you definitely will!

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