Too big for it's pot? autoflower in preflower

hey folks. i have an amnesia haze AF that i didn’t expect to get this big. i thought the blueberry was big and then this thing said, “hold my beer”. they’re all in 5 gallon pots. it’s starting to tip over and hasn’t put any flower on yet. i need to water it 2x a day now and when it dries out it weighs nothing and can be taken down by a stiff breeze. thoughts? this is my first grow so not sure what to expect once it starts stacking up. it’s 3 feet tall right now (almost 4 if you count the pot) and i finally see some pistols on it. is 5 gallon still enough? not sure you even can transplant this far along in the game.


Well, you’re not going to stunt her, that’s for sure.

Heck, yeah, give that girl more space! Before she blooms! Maybe give her some extra love at transplant with some sort of root booster and/or b vitamin mix.

Lovely plants. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.


Yep if you are going to up pot her I would suggest going to 10 gallon growing outside she will use the extra root real estate.
Or you could put her right in the ground


What are you feeding your Auto that it gets soooooo big? mine are 1-1.5 feet and not bushy at all (also outdoor)


they’re in coco and perlite
Advanced Nutrients Sensi for coco at 75% every day but was 100% every 2-4 days during veg before they filled out and the heat kicked up.
Rhino Skin
Voodoo Juice
Big bud for the blueberry

i also did some LST in the beginning to fill them out. Do you have mostly sativas? there is a big diff between the BB and Ahz. the BB is much thicker and bushier.

Size has been a trade off… they’re starting to wave hi to my neighbors which is not a great thing and i can’t pull them inside anymore during storms. gotta come up with something quick to protect them . esp if i transplant it’ll be too heavy.

you’re not supposed to transplant autos at all… we sure this will be ok? has anyone ever done it?

also, FWIW, i started the seeds outside. being exposed early may have given it a leg up? really not sure. but they didn’t bat an eye when it hit 110 here last week.

Autos are not an exact science when it comes to breeding and although most of them will stay small you will get an occasional “big gal” due to some photo traits not completely bred out of the auto flower.

I concur with the others and go ahead and transplant. There are all the rules that are supposedly to be followed with autos but there are extenuating circumstances that a plant needs a little extra help too and you girl needs it.

I to would do this

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With the next generation of autoflowers already here you auto growers are gonna have to start investing in bigger pots anyways lol


You don’t typically transplant autos because the shock could stunt them.

Here, you can either risk transplanting or worry about them getting rootbound. I’d personally risk transplanting.


i really hate transplanting. lol. but i think you’re all right. also not looking forward to the extra feed. i finally bought four watering cans and got my feeding somewhat streamlined. now i’m gonna need more. and $$$. and i need to figure out how to shelter her… not going to be able to move her very easily in 10gal. she better make it to harvest after all this!

Put her pot in a wagon or something. She’ll be off the ground and mobile.


these might be nice for next year. too much light pollution here for me to grow photos in my yard, but something that could knock out a large yield would be amazing.

there’s a flight of stairs involved. i’ll put some thought to it this week. i suppose there’s worse problems to have than large plants, right? always thought my northern lights was a runt, but maybe it’s normal?

what are these magical autos that finish in 60 days? two vegged for that long.

Lmao Autos do what they doggone well please. Even outta the same stock they simply dgaf what ur plan is


Good pheno that amnezia you have.

I had to transplant my White Widow Auto. Became root bound in a 3 gallon pot. No problems she never showed any signs of stress, 90 days old and still growing strong

LOL that certainly seems like the TRUTH.

thanks for chiming in- that makes me feel better. i don’t think mine can get root bound in the cloth pots but it certainly can’t be comfey in there.

I got a crazy pheno. i thought it had tobacco mosaic (or a number of other viruses that can infect cannabis) and i was going to burn it. but it’d already been in my garden for over a month, the garden is all dead and gone, and i figured if it was going to spread to my other plants it already would have, so i kept it. i still need to send the leaves in to ILGM. hoping they test it. it’ll put a lot of folks’ minds at ease if they can show this isn’t a virus cuz it’s come up quite a number of times that i could find while researching.