Tons of seeds in my Lowryder auto buds,


Newbe here, never posted before. Can someone please tell me if this is normal, or do I have a Hermy?


Sounds like you have a hemi. Sorry.


Does anyone know if the seeds I’m collecting from My Lowryder auto plant I have will germinate ?


welcome @Billybob do you have some pictures of plant?


I have a “hemi” in my Dodge truck :grin::joy: sorry couldn’t resist :blush:


Sorry I don’t have pictures, but every bud has what looks like seed sacks and they explode each time I’m enjoying my buds. I hate that, I really do!!


Im sorry that you drive a Dodge!
Sorry, I couldn’t resist either! All good now! :rofl: :+1:


Yes, they will germinate. And, if in fact it did hermi, I think they’ll keep the autoflower trait. Legend holds that seeds from a hermi will tend to hermi. I don’t necessarily buy into that. Kind of depends why it hermied.

Seeds being as expensive as they are, if be very happy to have a bunch of potentially autoflower seeds and I’d be growing them right away.


Thank you for the info, I was hoping for what you just explained. :yum: I appreciate you!!


@Billybob @PhantomFarmer
I can say this i have grown seeds out that came from hermi plants and had no issue with them
I have also heard that a seed from a hermi plant is mire prown to hermiing also if stressed enough
But yes they will germinate as long as they are mature seeds they ahout also keep Auto traits


There’s even more good news. If it did self pollinate, the seeds are also feminized since there was no male DNA present.

Jackpot. I’d say. @Billybob