Tomorrow Tomorrow is the Big day

I still have Plants outside the two runts and some big girl I can harvest but no where to dry them Any ideas???


Too heavy, I am too disabled I need to cut and run but how long can I soak them to buy me some time???

Oh the garage would be a mess cars in and out. no control in there.

Yes @kaptain3d those cold cure and said he still burpes it,but he keeps inside the fridge

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Today the girls(runts) came in from the cold,rain My poor little Zittles runt she squeezed out less than a huge handful of buds but lots of popcorn buds. The other runt Western Grail did better and gave up some nice colas and many sticky buds. I am soaking everyone but keep them separated! (“Name that Tune”) buckets and I pulled the roots also because someone says they can be used as a tea ( cancer Killer Tea) . But I digress I washed a few of Zittles buds and sugar leaves (They looked like the Austrian Alps I skied in 1976) Chopped them up DOn’t use a grinder and My Bong filled with crushed Ice now that’s Entertainment ! It is a mellow high body chilled out which is great because of major neck and shodulers pain and I heard bones cracking and popping up in there. Well Let’s just say my evening will be here in my chair watching some dumb TV with my Soulmate as she intakes some Zittles w/me…Recliner Bandits we are!!!

Just a heads up, was in kind of the same situation, although several of mine still have 2 year old bud in them. I went to Smart & Final yesterday evening just before they closed at 10:00pm, but unfortunately they only had pint size jars.

Back home, I started to search Home Depot to see if they had any, but order only…then found what I needed at Target, 64oz wide mouth, they sell them for about $4/ea, so not as cheap but is not going to break the bank, and as a bonus, I ordered for drive-up and after I got there this afternoon it only took about 2-3 minutes to bring them out in the pouring rain.

Can’t beat overnight drive-up curing service, and in the rain to boot!

We needed this rain pretty bad out west, it’s one of the worst years out here.

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For sure We have lived here 11 years never had the sump pump freak out I put in a high flow powerful one 6 years ago when I wacthed the old one fill up and not keep up. Today I saw the sump pump which could n’t keep up till I shook the pipe going outside and dislodged someone and the flood washed him out.

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@SilvaBack203 @Flying-High Well After drying and a bit of curing I couldn’t take it anymore. Weighted the ONE Western Grail outside girl yeild A Whole 8 3/8 oz wow would have been maybe 10 oz’s put I have been smoking it. This 1st grow has paid for itself many times over… I wish we could make some cash because we are on SSD poor folks all the way.


Great haul over 8oz is definitely great

That’s about as much as I smoke in a year. Where I am in California we are allowed to grow 6 plants, it’s an ungodly mount of bud if grown properly. The biggest problem is overcoming any problems and knowing how to fix them in order to make it to harvest. A lot can go wrong and leave one with nothing.

What strain are you growing ?

Whoa thats a whole lot of ounces! Good stuff :clap:t4:

@Liber Western Grail from Greenpoint seeds And this girl took off July7th in the ground than harvested Oct13th WOW I have a cabinet shelf filled with mason jars. I made some cooking oil very dark green colour with just the trimmings ,sugar leaves and some popcorn buds about 9 ozs of it and I cooked with it used 2 tablespoons in a recipe and didn’t tell my wife and she ate it said WOW this tastes great,40 min’s later she is chair locked ready for sleep me too.


Right now I have 2 seeds waiting 2 sprout from Greenpoint Seeds. Bison Breath and purple chem

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Yes we looked at many places to buy. Liked Greenpoint Some far I have downstairs growing Sour diesel,Mentos,Double Dip all I planted have come up and all are heathly and growing like weeds.

I actually got it thru a 3rd party seed bank that sell there seeds. The color what got me 2 buy them lol

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