Tomatoes together with a lady

Hey there!
My Delahaze-plant is one week into flowering and I wanted to grow some tomatoes as well. My tomatoseeds just germinated 1 or 2 days ago and I am curious if they could survive at a 12h-12h lightcycle? I do know, that most of you guys probably don’t have as much experience with tomatoplants as with marijuanaplants, but if anyone knows an answer to this I’d love to here that :slight_smile:.
Perfect for the tomatoes would be a 18h to 24h light cycle, but I am not talking about perfect tomatoes. Due to my lack of free space and equipment I don’t really have a chance in putting my flowering plant and my tomatoes at seperated places.
Thanks for reading!

I’m afraid at 12/12 you are unlikely to get any tomatoes-- just a less than happy plant with no fruit. Do you not have even 2ft. of space outside to grow a potted tomato plant?

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I do have a balcony, but I think it’s still too cold for them outside :confused:

Hello! :slight_smile: Last year someone tried to grow ganja in a Topsy-Turvy upside-down hanging tomato pot (it was a fun thread but the plant didn’t make it!)

I was thinking of starting my Tomatoes this year too but honestly space is often a premium but I’m going to follow your thread and see how you do good luck …by the way I have some beautiful tomato pictures on here when I get a moment I’ll put a link! :thumbsup:

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Okay, do you have any sunny windowsill? Preferably south facing? I have had great success starting tomato seeds indoors. They will do very well on a sunny windowsill, for about four weeks. A lot of people start their vegetables and herbs indoors, then plant outside when it’s safe. It’s necessary in areas with very short growing seasons.

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Unfortunatly not. my balcony is westsided and so are most windows. A few are eastsided tho.

A little update:
I put 2 tomatoplants into bigger pots. Those pots do not have holes in the bottom, if you guys think pots with holes would be better, please let me know. Here a picture of one of them, still with potatoes around it against those fungus gnats

My Dela Haze is now exactly one week into flowering and I feel like she isn’t doing too well. What are your thoughts about it? Here a picture:

(This is not my actual growing light btw :slight_smile:)
Greetings and happy growing, Deibiddo!


In the lounge there is a gardener’s corner topic. I know there are many vegetable gardeners here, but those topics seem to get less use since we can’t discuss growing weed there.

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It’s been a while since I last posted something in this topic. My DelaHaze and tomatoes have changed a lot in the last weeks and I wanted to show it to those who are interested (I actually did another topic where I’ve already done that with my lady but not the tomato)
So first of all here are some pictures of my cuttling, now in the 5th week of flower^^

I have 3 stems, all of them pretty much look like the one presented above^^

I have a total of 4 tomato plants. 2 of them are standing outside on the balcony, getting quite a lot of light. One of them is inside next to my “bigplant” getting 12h of light a day. The last one just germinated.
Here pictures from one that stays inside:

It doesn’t seem too happy about the short light duration, just like @Herbalist predicted^^
This is the tomatoplant that just popped from a seed I got in italy:

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!