Tomato Tent vs. Build-Your-Own. Thoughts, Opinions, Recommendations?

Is there a 2x2 setup that you can recommend? I’ve scoured the net and haven’t found solid full kits available and some of them seem sketch. The HLG lights you mentioned in the previous post are solid and at a perfect price point.

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24x24x54 tent $85
Timer $12
Ratcheting hangers $11
2- clip on fans $25

Ac infinity

Cloudline s4 fan $90
4" filter $50
Duct kit $20


Qb 135 r-spec $200

That’s under $500 right? And pretty much all top notch shit. For another $200 you could get decent ph meter, tds tester, pots, growing media, base nutrients, a power strip if needed and probably still have a few bucks to toss at seeds.


That’s a solid setup. Thanks. I’ll look to price these items out

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@xclu5iv. Thats a solid setup that @dbrn32 gave ya there. I wish i had that guy around when i was spending money! Thats the setup if 2x2 is what you want.


Research I’ve done says it won’t be too long before you have a 2x2 tent and a 20"x40"x80" closet grow. This is addicting, lol.


@Cap_Ron is rite about that. This is a hobby that will let you go overboard quick… and thanks to this forum you can take a bunch of people with you!!!

Welome my son,…welcome, to the machine.

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And @Cap_Ron … I don’t doubt the addiction. I’ve spent a ton of hours already and all I have is the APotForPot 2-gallon going on.

Any thoughts on automation? That’s the thing that keeps me going back to the Tomato Tent.

@dbrn32 … What’s your thoughts on automation?

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I think automation is great. Just make sure you’re not skimping out on getting a good light and fan to have money available for automation equipment. It’s easy to add later.

Hey @dbrn32 can you please recommend some other lights? The QB 135 R-Spec is out of stock.


Also, thank you again so much!!

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What size grow space?

I’m opting fo a 2x2’ or 2x3’ tent so I can grow 1-2 plants.

I’m currently putting my plant on my building’s roof and then bring it indoors where I have a GE Par38 grow bulb. Good sunlight outside but no privacy.

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Would you be able to assemble your own? If not, probably plenty of the knock offs available.

This is my absolute first time at growing and lighting. If the assembly is straight forward without the need for specialized tools (soldering and such), then I can put it together.

I’ll rely on your expertise as to the route to go given a $200-250 budget for lights.

I plan on getting there the Cloudline T4

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Off top of my head, if you have drill, bits, screwdriver you can probably do it. Definitely shouldn’t need to solder anyway. If you go 2x3 560mm strips would be ideal, but they would be a little long for most 2x2 tents. You can use 280mm strip there.

Example documented fairly well here

I read through the suggested post and I have to applaud you. Great build for not much money. You’re the MacGuyver of lighting.

Given the covid situation, it’s going to be hard to grab all those components to try build it myself and I don’t have the necessary testing equipment to validate it works as intended. DIY lights is probably too much for a n00b like me who’s just trying to keep my first plant alive. Once I get a greener thumb, I’d be down to do this lighting project for a closet space I have available.

I’m bummed the QB 135 is out of stock. Are there any COTS systems that you can suggest that are comparable to QB 135?

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None I would recommend, that I know of. Looks like multiple places claiming to have 135 r-spec kits in stock within next week or two. Some even allowing pre-order, that’s what I would do.

Hey @dbrn32 … What do you think about the HLG 100 V2? That’s the option thats currently available to ship immediately. Unfortunately I can’t wait for restocking of the 135 and I’m not too sure about if some of these sites claiming to have them are legit.

Disregard. Sorry. They’re back in stock. Just got the notification. I’m building the tent you provided the details / parts list for. Excited AF to give my little ladies a proper home. I’ll post my first real grow with the tent.

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