Toilet Seed Plants under a HLG 260xl rspec kits x 2

Here is a fan leaf off what I am guessing is one of my Blue Dream fan leaves. She is ready for when I get my Scrog Screen complete today.


Haha sadly no. She’s been my avi for nearly a decade. Playstation Network, varios games… if i ever meet her, ill get an updated photo :joy:


That’s perhaps the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen! Well at least a partial ass anyways! Lol

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So two updated photos. I was able to chopped off the top stem. The other I have questions on.

Where do I chopped for round two on the bottom plant? The first photo is from one of the two smaller girls and I was successful at chopping her.

I just don’t know where on the two big girls since they had one chop so far.

@PurpNGold74, @AAA, @dbrn32, @Gremmall and any others that want to chime in. This is my first time ever doing this for the new 4 plants.

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You have options. Topping is not really something I do a lot of, but anywhere you remove should regenerate with two points of new growth.

@dbrn32 Thanks for the input. I’m trying to learn how to properly grow with a Scrog screen. This is the first time I have ever done this. We saw how big my GSC got without begging Scrogged. She is a beast and her nugs are tighter than my other crops so far.

Appreciate the reply. :+1::+1::+1:

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I usually top mine about three times. The first you only have one top to cut. Let it recover and grow two or three nodes then top again. You’ll have two tops two cut and maybe some side branches to top.
Repeat it again, Four tops now at least. Throw the net on and start bending. I’ll tag you into my thread and you can see what I did.

If you top, you set the plant back until it has time to grow new leaders. Topping is best done in the beginning to double the main stem. If time permits you can double again but… LST is primarily to keep the plant active in growth but expose branch unions to light. Bending branches over also redirects hormones that control growth in a similar way to topping but without the stress and stalling effects. If you wanted to extend vegitative growth, and had a large enough support system, and of course a killer lighting system, it is possible to top all the scrogged tops and create even more bud sites. The issue becomes overcrowding and light starvation.

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You can technically run a scrog without topping at all. In fact, a lot of people do that. Or you can top once, twice, or as many times you need. Topping a lot seems kinda silly though in my opinion, sort of defeats the purpose. I would say try multiple ways and see what works best for you.

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I’ll leave the 4th plant alone. The other three only got topped once. Since I think I know which one is Blue Dream, I may top one of them for a total of 2 times and do the third one for 3 times and see how it goes.

These Blue Dream are growing better than my first one.

And thanks all for your input. :+1::+1::+1:


Just keep pushing any growth back under your screen and you should be in good shape.

Just think of topping as a way to double a leader, but at a cost of time. Bending promotes lateral growth to become vertical growth, either can cause overcrowding, the scrog net serves to sort the tops to help prevent crowding and to provide support.
I see the biggest issues with excessive toppings are poor structural support, severe overcrowding and poor air circulation that may promote mold and disease. Whereas bending techniques generally mean the grower is aiming to improve on light penetration and air circulation and branches aren’t typically over concentrated.
As an arborist, I can see how training techniques used in orchards and vineyards could translate very well to manipulating cannabis plants for improved production.
Cant recall where I saw it but this one cannabis gardener was growing his plants and continously staking the mainstem 6 inches from the ground. Outdoor obviously. The colas were amazing! No topping at all. Every branch was a large cola! I may try this summer.

Thanks all for the input. I’m making a batch of Super Cannabutter Brownies so if y’all don’t hear from me in the next couple of days, I didn’t get a temporary ban stick. :joy::joy::joy:

Or you are too many brownies?!