Toilet Seed Plants under a HLG 260xl rspec kits x 2 COMPLETED

@dbrn32 That is why I didn’t want to say where I got my seeds from. But a few wanted to know where I got the Peach Purée CBD from. I’ve actually ordered weeds directly from the ones that created the seeds and there is a couple I want to get from here as well.

Since having a forum isn’t cheap. I do want to support them here.


Updated photos of my Toilet Bowl Plants.


That’s funny shit!


I wondered what PPM stands for!


:joy: Grem you’re on a tear, only problem is, we all resemble that remark :grin:


I may have started a new trend. My plants do look super big and healthy. Hell, why get bat guano when we can just drop a deuce into the grow bucket. That would put a whole new meaning to organic soil. :joy:

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Dood! That’s the poo part in PPM! If I make worm poo and make a tea it shows poo per million!

So some updated photos. I did chop the very center of the top cola would develop from. At least I hope I did it correctly but I know the plants will be fine either way.

The ones that I did chop are the two biggest plants. Look at the freakish large fan leave looks like. Holy hell…Toilet Bowl Strains off to a great start. Remember they are una 5 gallon bucket.


Pretty strong indica traits! Kinda droopy though, did you take the photos just after watering?

@Cannabian No…I took the picture when there was no light for almost 12 hours. This is normal for me. Once watered they perk right up. Right now we have a serious cold front.

Here is how cold it is since we don’t have the heat on. I’m cuddled up in a sleeping bag rates for -20 degrees and this is no cheap bag.

It was 31 here this morning which as far as I’m concerned is EXACTLY the same temperature as -20 lmao. My uncle came hunting and was all excited for the cold and I skipped going because I cant take it. Old grem could no problem but he was built like a seal lmao

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@Gremmall I know all to well. I’ve lived in as low as -40 F well past 126 F. Hell I get cold at 75 degrees. This cold front needs to leave the Gulf region of Texas.

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Let’s just say if it rains here right now, I will be shovelling it!

These are the newest photos I just took. The two little ones have caught up and finally decent sized runts compared to a week ago.

The two largest ones is the ones I chopped the center spot off.


Looking good man!!

Thanks @Dbpooper…the girls are looking good. I’ll have to do a new chop today.

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Looking good @MrPeat. Ran outta likes but u know ill be back :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Hey @PurpNGold74 bean been meaning to ask, is that profile pic yours? Lol

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Thanks @PurpNGold74…I know you have my back. This is very fun grow due to the fact they went swimming in my toilet.

I honestly didn’t think they would grow with out harsh out unfiltered water is.

I just captured this for the first time. It’s my two biggest Toilet Bowl Plants. New leaves growing.