Today's the day : PYRAPONICS : the ladies are done.."" 81 DAYS ""

20180920_013023 Screenshot_20180921-160327


Are you chopping to day? Still looks to be a lot of white hairs showing. Which could mean more time to ripen/fatten up. They do look great though.

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Nice job @Fishead . I like the side scrog holding them up :sunglasses:

I agree, another week or so

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Holy sugartits look at those ladies :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Damn those are nice. I never could find any of the pyramids that would ship to me but still checking periodically

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Need more time… still look young… :wink:


Definitely needs more time but looks great

Thanks guys for your concern

I don’t go for a lot of Amber I like to mix up of mostly cloudy little clear and a little little Amber seem to function better instead of being couch locked, the weather fun grow first time on the cocoa pyramid and first time Hydro Style…
Amazing 81 days Super Silver Haze,Bergmann’s AMAZING Gold Leaf, blackberry kush,all iglm fem seeds,easy 2.5 lbs


Any idea what kind of yield you are looking at? Looking back at your posts, these girls look like they grew real fast. Look amazing

Thanks …
I’m feeling all get easy 2 lb yeah it was quite a haul and it did go fast it was crazy, it was watching them grow right in front of your eyes, even during the day…
Blackberry yielded way more than I thought it was going to and the gold leaf it’s just a beast I’ll throw up some numbers once they’re done drying here’s a couple more pictures 20180923_231146|374x500


Trip out on this@!!

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Those are some crazy good trichome pictures! What are you using to take them?

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Cool thank you!

All I got to say is wow