Today's photo shoot, I think this week is decision time for them

My two Girl Scout Cookies appear to be just about ripe. Outwardly, they’re maturing quite well. About 9 weeks into flowering, they’re adding on weight as I had hoped at this time. Today, I saw the first couple of amber triychs, finally! I have read that GSC can be stubborn when it comes to amberizing. I am little anxious to harvest as last years crop was cut short by a moldy bud.
I’ve attached today’s images to see what you guys might think, but I’d like to harvest this weekend or next at the most. Been giving half dosage last week and flushing from now on. I seek a heady high and not something to make me more of a couch potato than I already am. I will monitor daily and keep you guys informed. I’d appreciate any thoughts.!Many thanks. Be well and stay safe…elliot!

Photo on 9-12-21 at 7.36 AM
Photo on 9-13-21 at 7.24 AM
Photo on 9-13-21 at 7.26 AM
Photo on 9-13-21 at 7.31 AM


Sounds like you’re all over this. I see Amber pistils and cloudy trycomes

Looking good. I agree probably less than 2 weeks. Might would selective harvest and get the ones you think are ready and wait on the others.

Nice. Looking good.

They look fantastic😎