?Tobacco mosaic virus?

Been away for couple weeks. And 1 of my plants decided to do this. I’m sure its tmv but I’m not 100. If any of you have dealt with this virus can you help or give advice please. Only on 1 of the plants is doing this. I’m thinking it’s from the soil. Not sure.

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Doesn’t look like TMV to me…

Maybe Magnesiuim or Iron or both? Adding MG or Iron can never hurt. I use Peruvian Gold Micro Builder for my micros and for Magnesium I use General Organics Cal/Mag.

Here is tobacco mosaic virus in action. Can be introduced by smokers not washing hands before handling plants. Doesnt seem to cause a problem with yield or potency although is ugly. As far as i know getting rid of it means after harvest everything that was involved in grow must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. I use clones so any that show signs are culled immediatly.