Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Second batch of Bubble Gums - New pots, soil, different environment from seed with same problem (TMV). Just my thoughts and personal experiences.

An other thoughts welcomed.

10 B.G. seeds, same batch - 2 Grows 5 & 5; same conclusion. >)?(<

USUALLY this is genetic and not TMV. i’ve had a few grow like this and have one going now in the same tent with 12 other plants and it’s the only plant showing this (it didn’t spread). the fact you’ve had two batches with this makes unfortunately could go either way… environment or they’re all the same batch so could be genetic. are you getting any twisting? i would maybe just try growing them out.

also contact customer support, they will likely replace your seeds.

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Yeah - I concluded that it was or is genetics. Environment is totally new & different. During the first batch 2 out of five showed it and yes one had a couple of twists. Thanks for the Info. I will.

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ugh, good luck. if you have twisting that confuses the issue. hoping it’s genetic and you get past this.

:wink: I did!

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