Tobacco Mosaic Virus on Marijuana?

A question from a fellow grower:

Hello: I finally got to germinate a couple of the white widow seeds I purchased from you awhile ago. They germed fine one is more vigorous in growth than the other, but right from the popping out of the ground I noticed that the leaves had a discoloring whitish look under the LED lights. I thought at first it was light bleaching, so I moved the panel up more a few times, but as the plants grew over the last two months new discoloring appeared on new leaves. I researched it further and I am led to believe that the seeds were infected with the Tobacco Mosaic Virus!
I am very clean and my grow room was washed with diluted bleach solution before planting the germed seeds in new soil as I do with every grow! I have never had this problem before.
I am attaching a few pictures to see what you think? Right now I am kind of afraid to germ and grow anymore of them because of this! Please let me know what you think! Thank You

It almost looks like aphids on the underside. I would prefer a pik of the entire plant. I can tell you this. If it is TMV, then you have no remedy. I live in Tobacco road, and this is what I have heard in the past. Give me some time to reaquaint myself with TMV, and I will reply again. Peace

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I meant to ask; Are the black spots gooey?

No they are not aphids, it is just a bit of soil on the leaves. There are no bugs on these plants and both pots of soil came from different bags, yet both plants are infected. I am not a beginner grower and I am quite sure the seeds were contaminated with TMV when purchased ! Seed shells can contain this virus as I am sure you know. And even the new growth is coming out with this discoloring/mosaic look and the the infected area of the leaf dries and shrivels and turns brown, it is not gooey! Thx.

All I can say about the seeds is that I do not believe they were contaminated here. TMV is extremely contagious, and to be honest; In 10 years of mentoring on Cannabis sites; I have never had to address TMV in relation to MJ.

White Widow is probably our best seller. If the seeds were contaminated in our labs, then we would be getting a lot more complaints. I wish I knew something more to tell you.

Since you are an experienced grower; IO guess you know what you have to do next :frowning:

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I figured you were going to say this! Did you ever think that maybe most people wouldn’t be aware of what TMV was on their plants therefore not complain about it!? Yes I know what to do next, not ever buy seeds from ILGM again and let all my acquaintances know as well, that you don’t back your product!

I’m sorry, I think you are over reacting. TMV is so extremely rare, maybe this is not what is going on at all in your garden.

As far as the seeds from ILGM in Amsterdam, I’ve never heard of this at all being a problem, if it really was something in their seeds we should be hearing a lot more about this kind of thing. These guys are so totally transparent, they leave complaint threads up for everyone to see. If you’ve been paying attention long enough it is clear they go above and beyond to try and make everybody happy and hide nothing.


Thanks for entering the conversation MacG. This was my point all along.

I don’t remember asking for your opinion on the subject! How do you know what’s going on in my garden? I have never had TMV in my grow ever, two different soils were used to grow in, both plants in question have TMV! I do not use tobacco products, have no pets am very clean, as a matter of fact the room was cleaned with diluted bleach before this grow started! I also live alone, so where do you think this TMV came from? It is not as rare as you pretend to believe and if it was then maybe not many people know what it is or recognize it, so they don’t report it, shoot most of the people who buys seeds and grow wouldn’t know white mildew from spider mite bites! Just do a search on youtube and see how many people have the virus, lots! And well your hearing it now and you don’t believe me, so what does that say? Transparent yet can’t admit that just possibly they are not perfect nor were these seeds! Furthermore I contacted support to talk to someone from the company personally, not to have my concerns broadcasted on a public forum and answered by people who are defending their friends because they are moderators! I want to hear from the owners on this! Thank You!

Your point is only to say that TMV is rare and nobody has complained about it in the past, so therefore it can not possibly exist in/on ILGM seeds! And that it is all my fault with my garden. I am not over reacting I bought some seeds and after careful deduction the seeds are the suspect here not the way I am growing them! Of course you will never admit that it is just possible I am right! So how can that other guy possibly say I am over reacting? I am not looking for free stuff just honesty and to be happy with my purchase of seeds, which I am not okay! So excuse me if I don’t buy from ILGM anylonger and I warn others of my experience with their seeds!

You don’t have to believe me. That’s fine. But seriously it is very likely something else, Latewood and I are in constant communication with the “owners” and the simple fact is they don’t have any reports of this back in their breeding gardens.

I have been here for nearly 2 years now and have never had this problem with any seeds I’ve received from them nor any reports from anyone else.

You are right, I don’t know every detail in your garden. The reason Claire re-posted this in this public forum is because they do expect Latewood and I to answer these, because more often than not we get to the right cause and can recommend the right fix, we have tons of years of experience between us, if we didn’t have the expertise we have, we wouldn’t have got the job as the moderators on this forum.

But seriously, just about every time I see leaves that look like yours, it almost always turns out to be a pH issue. We are here to genuinely help you.

I didn’t mean the TMV virus was all that rare out there in the world. but yes, it is pretty rare in most peoples gardens in a case like yours.


I believe your plant has TMV, mine has it as well I’ve learned to deal with it, she’s in flower now and it really hasn’t affected her growth as of yet

@PMA any updates?

I looked it up and I believe one of the seeds I purchased has this disease. I sent these seeds to my friend, only 3 out of 9 germinated and one of the 3 has that tobacco mosaic disease.

possible cause that I didn’t see mentioned. TMV virus can also come from tomato plants.

I also purchased White widow about 2 months ago and have exact same syptoms.

How did they turn out?

Doing a search for mosaic virus as I have something as well. Just leaving more breadcrumbs for others to follow.

My plant sprouted with it. It’s still not clear that tobacco virus spreads to cannabis and a number of other folks have had tests that came out negative. but there are other mosaic viruses out there that probably look exactly like it and the tests were specifically for TMV. I’d just like to know how I got it and what the next steps are. Im tossing my entire outdoor vegetable garden, too.

This is the amnesia haze autoflower,

This showed up on some WWA from ILGM…

only problem is, it is my fastest grower. Sprouted Oct4

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