To water, or not to water. That is the question


My girls are in preflower phase and when I stick my finger in the soil it is just barely damp. Is it safer to wait a day with the possibility of them maybe wilting a little instead of risk over watering?


It is better to go through a complete wet to dry cycle to promote root growth and prevent root rot. Roots need oxygen and if kept in wet soil too long will drown.


@Myfriendis410 I will wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Worst case scenario is they look a little wilted until I give them a drink.


You might be surprised at how long they go. They really get incredibly light before they run out of water.


Normally my plants in flower drink every other day, but since the temps started to drop at night there growing to two full days with out feeding or watering, witch I’m loving.


My last soil grow in this summer SoCal climate, in 10 gallon fabric pots, was 4 days. So that tracks @Wishingilivedina420state.


Cali got that good weather.
Louisiana just hot


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