To vent or not any suggestions

I have a 3×3×6 tent with just about everything besides a intake fan. Should I leave the vents open or keep them closed

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Mine are open. If closed the exhaust vent would probably suck the tent walls in a foot.

Both of them are? What about light leaking? Or light when they are sleep? When closed the tent do suck in a bit thought it was ok

@Breed89 is all depends in what stage you re cuz in in flower stage and went light are off I open but my extract air fan I don’t turn on until week 6 cuz you just open one of the windows on you tent and air is out, for that I have a carbon filter but I want to save my electric bill so I just go to turn on on week 6 and my reason to open the tent went light re off is cuz my humidity levels go to high so I need air go in to the tent

As long as your tent is not getting to hot you don’t need the vents open. Yes the walls will suck in while asleep, even with my 24"x6" vent I still maintain negative pressure. You’re walls should always be sucked in when the tent is closed. Always maintain negative pressure unless the tent is open. If there is negative pressure the plants won’t suffocate. Vents are only to regulate heat if necessary. I kept my vents all closed till I flipped to flower and wants to move out humidity faster. @pr can instruct you how to make a light proof filter for the vents if they are necessary for you. Or you can fabricate something else.

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The more fresh air circulating the better off your plants will be. Increasing the air exchange gives them more air to draw C02 from. It also helps with temps. I use a 3x3 and my temps would be way out of range if it were not for fresh air intake and exhaust

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I’m still in early stages I’m not even a month from seed. I keep my exhaust fan on 24/7 at the lowest setting. I got the day temp an humidity ok at 79 an 68% humidity I’m just fighting the nights an was wondering if the vents would help since I have no intake fan

What’s to hot I’m still in the early stages an I want them closed so I won’t run into pest problems or like leaving or coming in while they are sleep I’m lost on which is needed

What should the temps an humidity be with negative pressure

@beardless you good is you have the humidity control include rest time you don’t need, just air circulation in the tent I open my cuz went light is off I check my meter and said 99% of humidity but I’m in beginning of flower stage so I need to low humidity went light is off

Depends on the cycle. To be technical you adjust based off the difference in temp between and environment. Vpd.

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I’m having the same problem mines go up to 76% when lights are off

I’m in a early cycle almost a month from seed this is a now picture any suggestions 3 are bagseeds an the little one is a AK auto

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That’s light green area

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So its ok? Do you think they look ok should I change anything?

I’m working on the same issue with mine too. Lights go off at 9:45pm and the temp starts to drop then the fan controller stops the fan because the temp is below the setting and when the fan stops the RH creeps up and when the RH creeps up the fan kicks back on and pulls cooler air in which makes the RH go up!!

Vicious cycle. I look at it in the morning and temps are usually down to mid to low 60s. Not a big deal I know but still it’s a pain to have that kind of swing with the fan running all the time.

Best suggestions I’ve received so far are to simply put the fan on a timer so it’s off when lights are off (don’t love that) and to shift my light schedule so it’s on at night and off during the day.


@Breed89 don’t worry don’t change anything you girls look healthy and pretty I said in my case I let some room air go in to the tent just for now my Temp and Humidity meter is on delivery so Is my only way to control humidity in the tent until I get the new and check but I’m in morning off light

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Yea keeping the environment under control can be some work

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@Mefis where are you from. Sometimes I have a difficult time understanding some parts of your posts and wondered if your first language might be something different than English. Might not be, as I’m somewhat dense, but have been curious about that for a while

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Me to lol had to read it a few times to get it right lol it’s all love