To Vape or not to Vape..That is the question

The airizer desktop seems to work best at 406. I’ve tried it at lower temps, but I think the temp lowers from the convection/blower as it reaches the bowl.

The Gpro seems best between 365-370.

The Vapium Summit is best at the 3rd light, single or double clicked.

I’m still searching for the perfect portable dry herb vape that hits like a blunt. Does this holy grail exist?

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Yes I think I’ll try it again @Myfriendis410 . Just like most new things, one needs to repeat often enough till it’s familiar and then more acceptable.

I quit smoking and drinking in my mid 30’s. I’ve no desire for the tobacco or alcohol, but I’m sure having a fine time getting back to weed. I guess in some way it brings back my spent youth hahaha And it’s just fun.


I am looking at portable vapes now and found the Crafty, did anone use it? How is it? Cheers

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Yeah, “loose leaf” or “dry herb” vaping is one of my favorite ways to vape.

Happy vaping,



No experience with that one @rumpelstiltskin. But I have been using one for a couple weeks now. Utillian 420. It’s portable but bigger than a pen. More like a palm size.

I was not sure about vaping at first. I missed my routines and actually missed the throat and lung insult…hahahaha , Ya old habits die hard. But I am coming to really like this Utillian pretty good. It has no harsh or bite at all, in fact at first I thought nothing was going on. But I’ve tuned into it. It is much subtler than pipe of joint. Just a vague warmth in the throat, and I get zero clouds of vapor. Maybe I’m missing something there. But it is easy to use and it takes me there for sure. The high kind of creeps up on me rather than wham-o. It creeps up and creeps up and then I realize it Definitely delivers hahaha. And I gotta say I have no coughing at all. It only registers on Centigrade scale. 220 tasted burnt, 190 seems like a good point for what I’m vaping. It has 4 temp settings I think 185- 220C

Can’t say much about the taste due to the old brown dried up buds I’ve got. But within a month I’m hoping that is a thing of the past.


@MacGyverStoner Hey, how’s it going? Haven’t heard from you in a long time ! Hope all is going well with you.

I have a Skywalker OG finishing up now that I think is going to be a great plant. She is at The Force is Strong in this one! and entered in the BOM contest. This is the first time I have had one that I thought was worthy of entering.

My growing knowledge has taken a giant leap forward in this grow. I am crediting you with a lot of help in my first couple grows. My pH is staying steady with the new meter and my last two grows have improved greatly. Thanks for the help. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:

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Thanks and glad to hear.

Just mostly busy in the Bergman’s Lab forum nowadays.


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I like the vape for it’s stealth properties. I get the buzz and the house does not stink (that keeps the wife happy) ! I guess it is all in what you want or need from your experience. Jerry


I use a K-Vape Micro Dx for portable and a DaBuddah table top for at home. Both adjust to any degrees you want. The K-Vape has a digital readout and the DaBuddah has a dial that you can set to the temp you want. The Buddah does not have a scale of temps but I marked it for wet bud, dry bud etc and it works great ! Happy Vaping ! Jerry

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Since @MacGyverStoner published the chart of vape heat temps, I have changed my temps a LOT and it does make a difference. I took two hits off my pen and was feeling fine. No smoke around and the wife walked in after it and could not smell it at all. She would have said something if she smelled anything, always does.

Much nicer tokin’ and not as much heat to deal with. Learnin’ something new every day ! :man_farmer:

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No idea what you use, but you prove why temperature and/or airflow control is a MUST as if it runs too hot then we move more into combustion and all the nasties that go along with that but without a considerable amount disappearing into the air in a cloud like with smoking. It also depends on the vaper, as some cheaper ones work via heat conduction rather than convection and with your herb in contact with the heating element there’s only one result and it’s not a good one as we’re back into combustion.

That’s before we think of the quality of weed, the fineness of the grind, how dry it is, how hard you’ve packed it and I admit it took me ages to dial in the portable I have. But when I did get it working it was enough to convince me to look at a desktop as the battery life on my portable is a nightmare, especially as you can use your weed “twice”, vape off the cannabinoids, terpenes and so on you want and THEN smoke the bowl to get the rest, or it can be sprinkled directly on food, used in edibles, whatever, ultimately there is less waste and that means you get more “bang for your buck”, whether buying or growing.

In my case, as I prefer the traditional European splifferette with tobacco, being able to vape means I may have the final piece of the mental puzzle to finally break the nicotine cycle, especially if I can get a successful grow and make vape fluid and “blender hash”, “tea stalks”, and so on, out of the “waste” so a vaper costing the equivalent of 2-3 months tobacco can bring obvious benefits to the wallet, never mind the body.

Can’t do “pure” joints, the smoke is like sandpaper on my throat, so options are limited as making edibles when you are part-owned by a cat who is already too paranoid who LOVES home made, low fat and zero sugar cookie and cake is just one temptation too many, and that’s before we think of my missus.

That’s the one I’m looking at buying next month in Amsterdam now I have the G-Pen Elite dialled in so know what to expect, and I reckon it’ll be less than 3 hours after getting home when the first pack of frozen veggies is brought out to “increase the density” of the cloud (already thinking of cheap ways to play with cloud temperatures, I wonder if an “insert” of the right length of stainless steel pipe, around the length of a small bag of frozen peas, could produce a “shotgun” effect by you chilling that bit quickly then removing the so the density suddenly changes again and a “bubble” of cold, dense, vapours gets you right in the bronchi. Then figure out how you can get your hands on the stuff and tools to make a suitable coil out of the right size of stainless pipe, obvious reasons why. You see how this one’s going to end up, don’t you…).

And I know @daz49 says he’s ordered the same, so him knowing that it works so good for you now is a good sign for him.

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i suggest try vape for a month. maybe try those vape pens instead of the handheld vape or full mech vape. make sure that you have a back up vape battery if you are a hardcore smoker. just try it for a month and you’ll see. believe me I was into those joint and pipe before it was good to be honest, now I am 3 years a vape user.

Now I smoke vape and using Thc Vape Juice for refilling it, this is my first experience with electronic cigarettes, my friend recommended me to try juice I used to smoke regular cigarettes, for me this is something new.

What evidence do you have that “burnt plant material,” I assume you mean burnt cannabis, is carcinogenic? I’ve not seen such evidence. I’ve read of studies showing that burnt cannabis does not cause COPD but nothing about whether or not it’s carcinogenic.


I converted to vaping about 10 years ago and have never looked back!
If you have some time and are really interested in vaporizers, I can recommend a website called FuckCombustion as a total resource for everything vape related.
Reviews, tips etc…

Here is a quick video of my favorite vape in action! The load is ± 0,05g.

This is my Supreme #4 vaporizer.

Salutations MuleGal,

There are at least 3 types of inhalation devices i can think of: e-Liquid “vapes”, mainstream “vaporizers” and a sub-group involving clean-burning butane.

The later suits my own physiological needs much better, in comparison vaporizers remain stuck in the previous century; what’s missing in such “Hot Dry Air” scenarios is the extra-hot exhaust gases and their associated “potentiator” effect which we used to get with the cigarette/“joint” format. Worse, “Ovenizer” designs promote a “cheat” effect where every volatile molecule contributes to some bogus opacifying feature including contaminants, while trichome glands happen to be a most affordable form of filtration (performed at the site of genesis on the molecular basis)…

Here’s what i got handy today anyway:


My table unit (now picking up dust) was acquired after seeking advice on some dedicated forum equally trapped in the past. It started to cause coughing issues after only 6 months so i investigated the matter until a viable alternative was identified that i still depend on today. Overall the “Hot Dry Air Ovenizer” avenue deceived me for a duration of ~25 months, lets admit i never managed to fix such fundamentally flawed concept despite a most unusual degree of determination.


When we lit a cigarette/“joint” over half of the noble trichome molecules are being sacrificed simply to keep a fire alive, so it should be easy to understand there’s real benefit from avoiding wasteful combustion. Of course it’s a lot healthier, but it also comes with a trade-off: extra-hot exhaust gases are gone and those used to carry more heat than just hot dry air alone…

That’s no trivial aspect to consider when dealing with the “Release/Transport Agent” of convection-based devices. Lucky me, i realized kind of relatively early that clean-burning butane actually generates extra-hot exhaust gases as well and these ain’t toxic for all practical purposes: H2O + CO2. Which i came to refer to as “Inlet Water”.

Yet my vaporist pipe didn’t completely solve the “inclusivity” (incl. cough) issues until i also diverted from the manufacturer’s original slow & steady ritual. Years of trial and errors accumulated through experimentation revealed a preference for what i now tag as “Micro-Bursting”, which avoids thermalization instead of embracing it. As a trade-off i seem to get less “activation” effect in exchange for what i call “The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation”, while future IH-driven scenarios promise to reconciliate it all; e.g. the “Release”, “Transport” and “Activation” phases can finally get performed (and controlled…) separately, e.g. possibly in a 2-Heaters layout similar to the Sublimator of Enrico Bouchard.

In any case the pipe as it’s been re-configured today already deals quite efficiently with forms of discomfort that include coughing, with improved “conservation” as a bonus.

Purists shall argue there’s contaminant coming from the butane can and ligther, that’s why i called my solution a “Plan-B” though it’s part of a “Bi-Energy” context paving the way to Induction Heat which is compatible with extra-hot gases, namely Inlet (distilled) Water, eventually.

Anyway i garantee none of this was made possible by any forum community, quite on the contrary: it’s a lonely quest to this day, please feel most welcome to DUPLICATE & PEER REVIEW after visiting one of my dedicated photo collections, assuming my words can mean anything despite a requirement for other 1st-person experience.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

I use a mighty vape, I grind my flower pack it in and enjoy. No coughing, no stink, I won’t do it any other way now.

I think you have experienced the psychological inpact of seeing the smoke leaving your lungs. You can try this expierment, smoke a bowl or joint in the dark where you can’t see at all. You will find the buzz less satisfieing than in the light. True effect. Try it with cigs,canibus, or even the liquids they sell for them. Same results.


I spent the day making juice with 15 grams flower with 70 ml vg and 25 ml pg. double boiler for 9 hours. Stained with large syringe and part of a coffee filter in the end of the syringe. I could force the oil through and got a good clean oil. Vapes really nice.