To Vape or not to Vape..That is the question

Hi folks. I mentioned my interest in vaping on my grow journal and got some response. Seems theres probably more of us out here that have tried and have opinion.

I’m from old school joint or pipe gal. But the coughing is pretty harsh on the old lungs. Never tried a vape, but thinking about the possibility. I’m thinking of something that’s portable enough to throw into a bag and take along with me.

So whatcha all think about this 21st century method of imbibing.


I have tried the prefilled ones you can get at dispensaries, and they did their job. Much easier than packing a bowl, but for me they would never replace my flower. They are very convenient on the go when out and about, and since I am in a not so legal state, they are great for public events (as they smell less than a joint/bowl). But don’t be fooled, you can still cough on vapes if you over do your drag…

Recently I have went to water pipes/bubblers to ease the stress on the lungs (cool the smoke down a bit)…


Vaping is the only way to go. I have severe breathing problems and the vape makes it possible for me to smoke and not cough a lot. I actually do much better when I vape. It clears out my breathing passages and makes me feel better too. That is a 2 for one in my book !


Personally, i don’t like vaping, but it is portable. I cough just as much with vaping and it tastes weird. You don’t get the nice, full flavor that you get with smoking.


Thanks @Ron330, @TxGrowman, and @raustin. All good input.

Along with the maybe not so much cough is the idea that it would save weed. Course once I get this growing down, I probably will have herb to spare hahahaha. The stealth is appealing. And it’s another toy :grinning:


It is a nice new toy to have… and you can collect them too just like bongs or pipes. :blush:


not in my case. A vape is always ready. How many times have you put off smoking a bowl because you really didn’t feel like grinding/packing/rolling it up right then. Not a problem with a vape, 5 clicks and your good to go…


Hahahaha never thought of that @Ron330 hahahaha


I thought I should clarify between wax and oil vape and loose leaf vape. This is what I’m doing with mine. It has a bucket designed specifically for flower. You can also adjust the temperature to access or deny some volatiles depending on the temperature you set. What I notice is I get a terpenes hit every time. So if you put something in there that smells really yummy (White Widow for example) it will produce a vanilla and rosemary note on every hit.

Also; my vape store expert had read an article on MJ delivery systems versus the high and apparently one can (and does) plateau on a pipe, bong or spliff but there’s no plateau with vaping; you just keep getting higher. I don’t know as that is true in my case but It puts me in the clouds with 3 hits.


Interesting @Myfriendis410. Yes I am interested in loose leaf vape. My on-line researching calls them dry herb vapes. With todays herb, I am not sure I want to “keep getting higher” hahahaha It’s pretty strong already.

Said from the one hit wonder.


that can be about how concentrate is made I use shatter in vape by preheating metal vape chamber with lighter to soften shatter to liquid then vape. I find if the source of the shatter was decent I get most of flavor profile


My wife and I are ex ciggie smokers and I have asthma. After smoking bongs for years, and waking up in the morning feeling like little elves had sandpapered our throats with #80 sandpaper (besides the fact that our glass bongs would last about 3 weeks before getting broken), we decided to try vaping. Got ourselves an Arizer V tower and we’ll never go back to wrecking our lungs even more…with carcinogenic burnt plant material, even if it’s cannabis. We’re sworn vapers now.


Hey @DieHigh55 how’s it going?

I agree with you on the burnt plant material. I also have asthma, along with all the other crap too long to list, and I know what you mean about the “sandpaper throats” that I also used to get.

Vaping has opened a whole new world for me. I started smoking cannabis after I turned in my medical license due to health problems in 2013. For me, not saying it is true for everyone, I use a da buddah vaporizer most of the time and the ability to change the heat settings does it for me. If I have a really dry herb, I can lower the heat and get a nice smooth smoke. If it is really wet, I raise the heat a little and I get a nice smooth toke. Getting a smooth draw on any type of material did it for me. It is possible to burn the weed in my vape but you learn quickly how to avoid it.

I only toke a pipe or joint if I absolutely have to.


Cool! I was looking at vape info on Pinterest…once upon a time we used to read books…and it seems around 173°C is the “sweet spot” for vaping temp. I had mine set at 193°…oops, too high…now it’s like climbing aboard a spaceship.

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I smoked a skinny with my son and his sister-in-law…cool lady…recently, how embarrassing! Coughed terribly, BUT…now he has a vape pen! And I’m doing fine! Thank you for asking!

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I like them, but I love bongs & blunts, even more. I really should start using mine more, to save my lungs. Dry herb vaping makes me cough, while bongs don’t, if you can believe that. But, vapes don’t make me wake up coughing in the morning.

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I enjoy a variety in smoking. I have a portable vape for dry herb that I use most of the time on the go. It’s a great little unit. I also have a Arizer Extreme Q table unit that produces an awesome vape. Very smooth. I’ts just the idea of toking out of a plastic bag that seems so cheap. Need to get over that I guess. I still enjoy the odd joint and blunt. I use hemp wraps now for my blunts. I use to use cigar leaves. I just love the taste of a great blunt.

My son is into bongs and no matter how hard I try with a bong I always end up coughing and spewing water everywhere. He does it so easily. I have even tried it packed with ice. Like the looks and collect ability with bongs though. I have a few and don’t even use. Just look at them.

I’m sure vaping is the best for you though. Edibles are another way to avoid smoking as well. Also read an article about the best way to use cannabis is to administer it via suppository. Article stated it was the best way to absorb all canabinoids in cannabis. May have to think about that way for a while. :thinking:


The worst coughing jags of my life were from a Volcano. The flavor was great but I just couldn’t handle the coughing fits. I have Asthma, so i next tried a G Pro, dried herb, vaporizer. It does ok, but always tastes like sweet plastic. Lately I’m using a battery base and oil cartridges. The flavor isn’t great, but in five clicks it’s on and it gets the job done. For convenience it can’t be beat.
What I really like is my water pipe with a tornado perc. Smooth draw and full flavor. Then again, I also like joints and the weird thing is I rarely cough with a joint but usually cough with a vape.
So, you’ll have to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

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@Loneviking I have a G Pro as well and although I do like it I find it has a bit of a plastic taste as well. My problem with the G Pro is that the mouth piece keeps cracking on me and I constantly have to replace it a $5 a pop.

I’m a fan of vaping when I have extra time and a good amount of cold water on hand. I use a herb vape, only holds .2-.3 gram in the chamber. Just about all the “big” names have one like mine (I think it runs $99 at kandy pens). But to get where I need to go I have to run at least two loads, at around 395 degrees (on the display, not sure of actual). The amount of hot air I breath in with this type of vape bothers my lungs a bit.

I plan on getting a silver surfer soon, and I think for larger/longer sessions it will be much better.

I’ve found many oil/wax pens bother my lungs more than just a regular old smoke.

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