To trim...or not to trim...that is the question

I’m not seeing bud rot but looks like something is nibbling the tips. This looks to be a cat like animal.

@Sindog216 shit! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I wonder what the heck that is? @Deez have you ever seen anything like this before dude?

That brown patch looks like rot to me possibly caused by caterpillar who could also be responsible for the leaf munching.

Yeah that brown was definitely no good funk.

Had that happen last year . I cut it off and burned it.imo it’s definitely bud seems you caught it early.check all your girls as that stuff can ruin all your efforts.stuff can spread like wide fire even in the dry/curing process.good luck with your grow.hope all goes well.

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@Caligurl @BobbyDigital

I think I know why my gorilla glue came out like this. Had problems from jump. Got any opinions?

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Is this an auto?

**edit, never mind I see it’s in an auto flower section. That’s how all my autos have turned out. That’s why I quit growing them.

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Yeahh it is. Little more than 90 days had to chop it yesterday. Wanted to hear what you think.

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But my other 4 didn’t turn out like this. This one seemed like once she flowered it was fine but she didn’t wanna go from jump really. Took proper caring but then it’s nugs started sprouting leaves and these like seed sacs and pistils turning white and long af.

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Exactly what it was. Saved my ladies but atta cost of boutta half’s worth each plant. Still a great yield though


It’s just a phenotype thing. Unfortunately all my autos have been this type of phenotype.


There’s nothing worse than someone who eats your plants and then poops all over your flowers.

It sucks when they get you but good on you for making the right move and saving your harvest.

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Ya I’ve only grown two autos and they stack like that. I like photos much better!

She looks just like my little (and I do mean little) Strawberry Cheesecake Auto. Short and fat with only 4 colas. She started getting more white pistils and growing curly-hues at the ends which is called fox-tailing. I think I should ave taken her down by now, I’ve just been busy and her trichomes don’t tell me she’s ready. But she is super dense! She’s coming down this week.

Congratulations on the harvest and as long as you got a good yield, you should feel fortunate!

Tag me in your next journal :slight_smile:


They do and so do I for that reason. It is a phenotypic expression though and just like a photo strain there are different phenos. That stacking pattern is the ruderalis gene expression and it’s generally the way an auto will look because every auto has that bit of ruderalis in it to make it auto flower. Sometimes you’ll get an odd ball that makes buds that look just like a photo. That’s the nature of genetics and statistical likelihood for ya…

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