To trim or not to trim that is the question

@Chefchino all of this is as you are finding out. There is conflicting, and evolving, advice on the art of growing. All of it works. Some methods work better than others FOR YOU. After all these are your plants and once armed with information, you can do anything you want! Isn’t that great?

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@bob31thanks Bob

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Idefoliated the crap out of my bb auto lst and fim
Defoliated and lst the crap out of the nl auto too
So much so that I thought I may have done too much so I planted two additional seeds , planning on these two dying
It took em a few weeks but they bounced back!
Not sure if it is gonna help my yeild at harvest or not but I wanted to experiment and couldnt help myself74ECA7DC-5BB0-4EDD-B487-5523BBF613F9

The one vertical plant is abb auto that I did not mess with
The wider of the other two is blueberry auto with defoliation , lst and fim after first growth on 5th node

The less wide one is northern lights auto did the same but no fim