To trim or not to trim auto flower

So much out there on the trimming of auto flower topic that I thought I would trust this community as you have never let me down. This Northern Lights auto is grown in Deep water culture and is the best (healthiest) plant I have grown yet. It really took off and is almost through the first week of stretch. The vegetation is unreal. Should I have been trimming some of the fan leaves along the way? I used low stress training through out so far and tuck leaves when I can, but its hard to control at this point. I won’t likely do anything now as I will see buds in a couple of days and I don’t want to chance lowering my harvest, but your thoughts will help in my next grow.


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That is one serious bush!

While not an experienced grower, many do trim for a purpose - better air circulation to prevent mold/mildew build up and for increased bud locations. Otherwise try to tuck leaves aside.

If you need to trim, don’t do too much at one time. My second grow now and I have taken leaves out periodically - maybe 10-12 leaves every three or so days to allow better air flow and light penetration. I judge this as she grows and fills out. I only take out what I must.

It looks as if she can use a little pruning to increase light penetration to those inner locations.

Let’s see what others add.

Best of luck.

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I fim & LST all of my autos here I am inspecting the undergrowth of a G.G. auto


I also pluck leaves on my autos. As i would a photo. As it seems to stop the stretch in flower i pluck and then after buds seem to be at their end fattening up i pluck again all the fan leave. I dont do the extreme taking a third of the bottom and stripping it. But i do clean up the bottom fairly well. If u plck go for the oldest leaves first leave the newer and basicall for now just uncover the bud sites and make a good breeze way for air to move thru it.

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Classic. I did prune a couple of leaves tonight after all. There is so much growth I think it will be ok. This is my second year growing (year one was nothing to brag about) and this plant has far exceeded my expectations. I love DWC, so much easier. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks, I did prune a little tonight, there is so much veg I think I will be ok. I am practicing my other techniques on my photo period since it will have time to recover before I flower.

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Welcome ! as mentioned take a few leafs open it up clean up around the bottom. A week later you’ll never know it. Very nice Auto looking good !