To transplant or not?

Everyone says if the leaves touch the side of the cup then transplant. It’s day 12 and I see all touching …do you agree I transplant today?


Yes. Getting close. I actually like my plants to be a little root bound when I transplant them. It helps ensure that there is a good, solid root ball that won’t come apart when transplanting. The worst case is that root bound plants will not grow as quickly, but it’s worth it imho. It’s not like one is going to let the rootbound condition go on for more than a few days to a week.

Plants are generally ready for transplant when the edges of the plant extend beyond the edges of the solo cup.


I would transplant if it were me. Probanly into there forever homes.
Happy growing…


I’d wait for the reason mentioned above but growers call

They should be good either way
Congratulations on normal looking plants says the guy that has had 2 mutants recently


Thanks for the info!

I’m going to start my journal soon but…I started with 5 and 1 never popped the soil although had an awesome tap root. However these 4 seem to be looking good so I’m feeling pretty good. I only open the tent at 7 pm and I will probably transplant into 5 gal cloth pots this evening…I’ll post again if I do.

Looking good!

What size tent are you growing in / what soil?

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I have a 3x3 Gorilla tent with extension, HLG 300L Rspec, 4" ventilation fan, 2 clip on fans in ocean forest soil. Only water and 18/6 light schedule with lights 24" from plants.

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Good stuff and that soil should carry them somewhere around 4-6 weeks before you need to think about feeding.

4 plants is probably going to be pretty tight in a 3x3.

Thanks for the info, i was wondering when i should start feeding. This started out as a dare and has grown. I found 7 seeds and hubs said they weren’t any good, I had 1 going strong and he accidentally pushed it over. I started a second and it made it to 4 weeks and was showing to be a male. By this time me and hubs are into it and he bought a tent and we put the last 5 in the soil we got with the tent. 1 never surfaced, and now there are 4. We’re both in shock they look as good as they do. We are hoping for the best, but really doubt we get 4 girls…what are the odds? And, we ordered buy 10 get 10 free from this website; and i don’t think i’ve left since. So we will see what these 4 do and if we have to sacrifice 2 then it’s good…awesome really! But in any case I have Auto seeds coming that we all know will produce. I get chatty… :wink:


Excellent and yeah, odd of all 4 being female is pretty low with non feminized seeds.

I think they say 60% or so are male. But you know how these things go. If you want to get rid of one or 2 anyway you may get “lucky” and get 4 girls. :rofl:

Good problem to have though. Fun isn’t it??

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I transplanted…and I ran out of soil…hoping that one is boy but with my luck…we shall see…