To train or not to train that is the question

I read in most forums not to use training on autos, but now I read on here a lot of auto training going on.
So to the more experienced auto growers on here, do you train your auto? which have you tried (LST, Topping, Fiming, Mainlining or any other)?
How were the results did you find it hurt your yield or did you find it increased it?
Or do you just let them grow naturally?


Autos are sensitive plants. Topping, cropping, super cropping will all slow the plant developement down quite a bit. I super cropped one last season and it took about four weeks longer to finish. The plant was beautiful though. The yield was a little less than the auto I didn’t train.
LST is the way to go if you want to train an auto. Personally with indoor I stick to photos because you can train any way you want and can be finished in about the same time frame as an auto. I plant autos for an early season outdoor harvest.


You can successfully train an auto but your timing has to be spot on to do it without affecting the plant. @Not2SureYet has this down.


It all really depends on health of plant. I love to LST because it gives me quality time with my girls. I show them love, they return it in amazing ways. I also FIM at the 4th or 5th node and start LST about 1.5 week later.

I have also grown autos without alteration and I just wasn’t happy with results. Definitely not the yield I got from my trained girls-

I say go for it! Just don’t get eager with the bending or you can accidently super crop.


This is only my O2. I am more in tune with @NavyVet420 here. When I first started growing. All I read was what not to do. I found almost every thing I was told not to do. Works fine for me. I top, some times as many as 5 times on a plant. I top every plant I do. And super crop almost every one. I prefer to use a scrog as to the LST. I have done lst, just not to the point that @NavyVet420 above does. And those are some beautiful plants my friend :+1: When starting with your first plant. I would recommend just topping it one time. Then some lst. When to top? I do about the 4 th week. I wait till I see the bright green growth telling me she is ready to grow. I have never had a plant skip a beat when doing it that way. Topping early, is much worse than topping to late in my book. I have topped and then had them go into pre flower the next day. just off timing on my part. my West coast auto I am growing did that to me. It is in a scrog and has been super cropped a few times. I have never found that to be an issue on any plant I have done it on.
I am in no way saying that my way the right way to do autos. What works for me may be different for some one else. Almost every thing I have been growing are autos. I am just now getting into photos.

If i was starting again though. I would still top at least one time. You will get better light coverage as to growing a christmas tree. And some lst will get even more light to all those bud sites :grin: I have seen some great auto growers in here. @Screwauger is one of them.

This is a grow I am on right now. I have 3 autos in it.