To Top or Not Prior to Outdoor Transplant

So these girls are still 2/3 weeks from being moved outdoors. Question is should I top em or not. Problem I have with topping is the plants end up being top heavy which makes them susceptible to breakage in strong winds.

When you move them outdoors, could you put them into big enough containers that they won’t be top heavy? Just a thought. Topping would control their height and cause them to be more bushy, which should help. For the wind breakage, there are additives like silica that you can feed to strengthen the stems and stalks. You could also plant some companion crops to use as a wind break, or even build a physical one from wood or whatever. Looks like a happy sea of green, nice work. :+1:


Yeah I move them from 4L containers to 75L . I typically don’t top but a few have under developed secondary growth.

Some strains to better with topping/training than others, too. Might do some research on yours and see if there are any specific pointers out there.