To top and lst or not?

My ladies are getting big quick, this is my second grow, so looking for some advice. I would like to keep it simple being that summer is on the way and im busy outdoors, Should i trim and let them get tall? or top and lst them. I have one Hlg 600 in a 5x5 area that i can expand, 6 ladies in 5 gal pots.


Definitely looking good what about top them and scrog them?

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im not set up for that, maybe some day

Too many plants for a proper Scrog. I would LST and also fim.


After i fim them, should i give them a day to recover before i start tying them down? Im going to fim today, tie down tomorrow? also tomorrow is water day.

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@Powersrp look pretty but in my opinion just trimming cuz top and LST I think you have to much plant on the tent so not space to expanded but I’m rookie so is my opinion all you girls look so beautiful

its a basement prefab tent, lol i can make longer or wider, but will i have enough light for 6 wide plants? hlg 600, hlg sYs it will flower a 5x5

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@Powersrp so on side you good is some app on the phone that check you light I think they need 4000 o 5000 something by plant so if you get that on each plant you are gooddddddd

Sorry is call ppfd lmao

Looks nice and healthy!

How old are they, and have you cut on them at all. Wondering why my plants want to stretch up so much? Im a novice and about to start my first official grow with legit equipment and nutes. So excited. I do have 1 that’s in flower, that’s looking good to me.

I am all about topping and LST but with Those plants in 5 gallon buckets are gonna get a lot bigger before they finish. I would be hesitant to top or FIM or train These plants because if it were me I wouldn’t want them to bush out too much given the available space and the footprint of your light.

they are 33 days above dirt, i havent cut anything yett.

my thoughts exactly, last grow was a lot of messing with them, but it was winter and i dint mind, with summer coming i might just let them ride and trim a lil here and there

its all about the lighting, and the strain, lights have to be close but not too close, With high powered LEDs you cant use the back of hand temp check, you have to start the light high, and low power, and move down and up from there.I have a light meter, but it is no good for leds, I do have a wattage meter, and now im drawing 300 watts and the light is at 34”

So I have a sf1000d, says it draws 100 Watts. Does that mean its 100 watt light? Or do I need to be looking at other valued/specs. Light manual says 24-30 above seedlings, which seems high, and would certainly stretch. Thanks for your input. Love this forum! Yes, im a newbie, but done fairly well with gal I currently have with little to no tech lights or support, till a few weeks ago.

24” be about rite for 100 watts, now thats its in flower not much you can do other than keep it happy, Im sure you know this but it all starts when they come out of the solo cup and are repotted, then its the best soil and more light than you need, like a hlg 250 (250 watts) but if your thinking 4 plants then you want a true 600 watts which will veg a 7x6 and flower a 5x5. Thats about all i know.

2 plants max at a time. 2x2 tent and plan on getting a 2x3 or 4. 3x3 maybe. Thanks @Powersrp. I can look all this up, but I like personal opinions as much if not more. Will soon be starting a journal, and tag you in if u don’t mind.


My problem with no training in an indoor grow is you generally get tall & skinny and the bud further than 30" from the light is mostly larf. I would prefer fewer plants that have a good canopy with equal exposure to the light.
These are on day 39. When they reach outside the ring I will let them turn up. They are in a 3x3

I have the time and enjoy learning different training styles. It isn’t for everyone.

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