To tight for comfort?

I’m using Root Naturally Jiffy-7 36mm Peat Pellets from Amazon as you can see in the picture I kinda squeezed it in to the hole now I’m wondering if it’s was too tight for the seed so what I did was I took it out of the little container part and left it on its own one other question I have is when I took the soil out it felt very warm you think it’s too close to light.? I’m kinda practicing with the seed before my other seeds get to my house which should be in a day or two. Also let me mention I’m not really so much of the beginner it’s just been a lot of years since I’ve done this

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Your setup will work for 1-2 plants. I would try to keep the soil a little more moist, in your picture it looks pretty dry. If it dries up the seed inside will most likely not germinate. Try to keep it moist, and warm until the seed sprouts. Then just mist lightly 3 times a day with a spray bottle on mist setting. They get all their water from the leaves before they have any roots. And as long as you can lift the plug back out without ripping any roots that may potentially get attached to tray, try to not rip the plug.

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Okay I went ahead given a few sprints of water and I will do that about three times a day I also was able to take it out of the pot pretty easily without ripping anything and the last thing I moved it away from the light or do you think it should be that close to it again?

I think that light is way too close for a seedling, in fact, you can keep it dark until it sprouts of you wanted…i never do that because I’m always afraid it will sprout and i won’t have light on my seedling til i get home… anyways point being that until it sprouts it doesn’t need light…

Also, when you get below the earth surface its only 55°. Your soil doesn’t have to be that cool but if it is warm to the touch then i would say yes, it’s probably to warm.

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Before I put this seed in the dirt it had already sprouted between two paper towels and I thought that you would keep the light on it after a sprouted I did however move it down from where it was but if you think it’s getting too much light I have much less powerful lights that I can put on it this is what the seed sprouted maybe I took it out of the paper towel too soon what do you think?

@TDubWilly I think you’re absolutely right about those lights now that I think about it but since it has already a sprout and a lot of that’s coming back to me I decide to go back to my old school ways I have a florescent light that was made for cannabis growing that I had about 10 years ago now I only used it a few times so it still has quite a bit of life in it as seen in the photo that I took with a light meter this always produce great results with my seeds and I moved it up pretty close because it generates very minimal heat and if need be I can put a seedling warmer pad underneath if it gets to cool.( I live on the East Coast in the US and it gets real cold this time year)