To snip or not to snip!

She’s 17 days old… Everything is dialed in great. Lights,temps,nutes… Is she too young to start taking fan leaves off ?

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May I ask why you are thinking about taking fan leaves off?

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Should have said, “is she to young to top her?”
To which I would have replied, “no, she’s not to young, go right ahead!”

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Your plant looks great btw! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe your looking for a little air underneath her, that I could understand too! Sorry, drank two beers and started “threadin”, you’ll have to forgive me


It’s OK dude…yes… To get some air and light. I’ve always done it to plants a little older… But this girl is maturing real quick.

Got to ask why would you want to cut her at this point? Her fan leaves give her fuel. As she gets older cutting off lower limbs that wont produce helps.


That was the answer I was looking for.
Thank you.

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