To smell or not to smell

Hello All- I am a new grower. I only have one completed grow under my belt (Mango photo-period). I am currently growing ILGM autos (2 blueberry, one Amnesia Haze , and one Northern lights). My question is…Is it normal for autos to have very little residual odor? When I grew my photo the plant literally stunk up (in a good way) a 150’ radius around my house. My Autos have very little smell when you are not right next to them. I think I remember reading something about autos not having the same level of terpenes or something to that effect. Does anyone know is this is true or know why the discrepancy? Below is a pic of the current Blueberry autoflower. …This stuff should be really stinky!!! Thanks


She is beautiful :heart_eyes: smell or no smell lol


I agree with @Missiles, your plant is very pretty. I have never grown an auto so can’t comment on the smell issue for autos.


Beautiful buds you got going there. I was never able to get color like that with my blueberries. Out of the three Northern Light is the one that I got the most skunk odor. Good luck finishing up.

I can’t comment on autos, but my last 4 plants smelled up my house quite a bit before they even got to flowering. It was manageable except when I moved the plants to flush them, for instance. If I moved them, or left the tent door open, then the smell would go throughout the house.

I think it may be strain dependent.

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Thanks. Only one Blueberry has that color.The other has zero purple. You would never guess that they are sisters.

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Every plant I’ve grown hasn’t stunk up the house but 1 and that was my GSC Beast. I tried one Auto when I knew zero about growing and I ended up crushing the plant on accident. Never looked back…Photos FTW.

My sister says once in awhile the house smelled like a pot farm but she hasn’t said that with my 3 Blue Dream who are loaded with flowers. I’m waiting to see if I will be able to smell the Peach Puree CBD. I haven’t detected a smell from her as of right now.

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The plants that put off so much odor I was speaking of were GSC.

Some strains have more scent than others.
Higher temps and breezes will give off more scent.

I also find my sense of smell overloaded and unable to pick up much fragrance from my current strains.


Are you using any carbon filtration? My little stinker i only 1 month old and wreaks really bad, when thebdoor is closed the smell is gone. I know that when it gets bigger that may not be the case? At which time Ill gift it to my buddy up the road. He wont care!

Mine didn’t stink up the house every single day. Sometimes it did and then the next few days nothing. It never stayed constant. I’ll pay more attention next time I grow one as she will be a monster grow as well.

I have a carbon filter that was a must for my first grow. I have not even set it up so far for this one as it is not needed.

I vent straight to the outside (legal state) my neighbor asked me the other day if I had been seeing any skunks and to check under my porch just in case …:shushing_face::rofl::joy:


I too live in a legal state and I wouldn’t use carbon filters if my wife did make me.