To SCROG Or To Not SCROG (See Pics

Theyre probably around 15-18 inches with.
5 in total
3 of 1 strain
And 2 more each individual strains.

My plan is to move them to a 4 by 4 tent here in the next 2 weeks and let all 5 plants swell up and get as big as possible While at the same time maintaining good light exposure.

The branches are still plyable, but theyre long.

What do you think? Do i have time still or is it
Past its point?

Fist time potential scrogger.



I think you need to calculate the absolute tallest they can grow in your tent and not get too close to the light (check the strain seeds on here and cross reference other sites to get an idea of how tall they will be and be sure to account for the container height). 18" from light works for me but some people even go as close as 12". I struggled with Wedding Cake outgrowing the tent height and SCROGed successfully.

I will say this, and I loved SCROG and used Velcro plant tape to hold them down, I will NEVER use another expensive heavy duty net again. It is an unbelievable pain to not tear up stems and buds at harvest time. This time around I will use a cheapie net and just scissor through it at harvest time. (Now you can profit off my pain and not take the ‘field trip’ to learn this one :laughing:)


Someone once made a comment about harvesting scrogged weed is more of a pain in the ass. Is that accurate?

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Was gonna shell out 60 bucks for one but decoded to take some spare materials and about an hour and made my own. That and because i couldnt find ome in my size 2 × 4.


It was a pain and took up a lot of time to harvest through a SCROG. I probably should have just cut the net but it was one of the bungey kind. I just ordered a 5x15 net from Amazon for $4, I can divide it into three pieces for three grows and best of all, I simply cut the net when I harvest.

I like your net! I have thought of building one myself, still using cheap net.

This is what I had to deal with on the net. Keeping in mind there were a gazillion little tabs of Velcro plant tape holding it down. I was pretty happy with the cool arched effect though. Oh, and that is not one net but two. There is a lower net.

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I heard zip tying the net super to the 4 poles that erect the tent works well.

And that looks nice. I like the training you performed on that. And by scrogging you ended up with straight colas it looks like. Do you recall the dry yield amount?

And lighting

LED HID? Wattage?

It can be depending on what material you make your net out of. I make mine out of garden twine and just cut and remove the lines a week or two before harvest. Then restring it for the next round.


@Bobbydigital I never thought of cutting the net a week prior to harvest. That is a good idea.

@MrMirrors I ended up with around 10 oz. overall 11.32 oz, but that included one little Grape Ape bagseed hidden in there that performed amazingly well considering the Wedding Cake completely overshadowed it. I have a Mars Hydro TS3000 LED light. AutoPot hydroponic system and feed General Hydroponics Flora series and their CaliMagic and Liquid Kool Bloom. The Wedding Cake seeds were from ILGM.

I had to put a piece of pool noodle taped around the poles at some of the connecting points for the net, not seen in photo, to keep it from sliding down. You get real creative sometimes using what ever you can to attach things. :laughing: