To SCROG or not to SCROG with DWC?

@Myfriendis410 wait wait wait so then with my next tent, I gotta get one with more vent holes, yeah? I got a 36x36x63 right now to work with just the one 5gal I wanna setup, but if I continue this hobby, I’d need to step up with quantum boards and for sure a system like yours and bobs. Yous guys are ten steps ahead of me right now lol how many grows do you guys have under your belt?

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@Watt-Sun I keep staring at your pic and laughing but also appreciating how much work you must have put into that hahaha you poor bstard hahah you still manage to grow some real beauties though!!

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I’ve only been doing this since California legalized MJ. So: 3 years? 18 or 20 grows.

IMO spending time here interacting with other growers both new and experienced; makes you a much better cannabis farmer than you would be otherwise. Great folks here and in the lab.


I took a good few hours to get them all tied up like that. I came home to all 3 plants and their biggest nugs flopped over almost to the floor and one broken branch which recovered thankfully . I won’t do another grow without some form of support trellising or scrogging lol


I ALWAYS scrog


GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the share!

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@MutilatedMoth we’ve been doing outdoor for years when it wasn’t acceptable. We had an area set up so it wouldn’t come back to haunt us if anything happened.

About two years in this current setup and with 3 rooms going constantly I’d have to say about 18-20 runs so far with all the rooms, rough guesstimate

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@Grandaddy013 need a hand trimming? They look like your stripping em of nutes

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Those are already trimmed, but will have some more in a few weeks


Here’s my journal from the last winter’s grow of 3 plants. A hair shy of 2 lbs of flower.


Thanks for sharing! New journal to read through YAY!

Lol. First thing I thought when I saw those pics was puppet plants.

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@Reign_man another good one