To SCROG or not to SCROG with DWC?

That is the question for my DWC grow. Like, do you hydro growers scrog and need a helping hand when you switch out buckets?? I dont want to put and strain on the branches when switching it out for a new bucket for a change every 5-7 days, ya know? I’m not gonna bother tagging cuz I know the wise ones will chime in :slight_smile: pics are always loved! Show me your DWC setup!

Look into a rdwc (recirculating deep water culture) setup. Basically a dwc but with a reservoir so makes water changing easy.


Yeeeeah I figured someone might say that. I will do that for future grows for sure, but any suggestions for a single DWC?

Likely add a drain tube and fill tube. And a pump for faster drain/fill.


Now THATS actually not too bad of an idea… hmmmm… do you do hydro? OS there a grow journal of yours I can check out and see photos of a setup?? I WANT TO LEARN!!!

I don’t do hydro. Was going to do a rdwc with just one plant bucket and a reservoir for this grow but I had a bunch of soil that I wanted to use up first. Was planning on scrogging and my first plan was single bucket dwc. Was going to put a submersible pump in the bucket with an outlet/drain tube in the bottom. Then a fill tube at the top with another pump to refill it. Then I figured it’d just be easier to add a reservoir so I could just do full reservoir swaps.

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Some of them come with a “water level sight tube” that also acts as a drain. As for a scrog. I try to avoid it personally at all costs. I’d prefer low stress training and yo-yos. Once you scrog those plants are locked their until you chop them. If I had a really heavy crop and they all started to get the lean I keep a net handy just in case.
I can’t see ever needing one for autos.

Ok “yo-yo” is new to me, and I actually thought scrog WAS low stress training, and that topping and fimming were the HST techniques. Ok so whatchu got going on for yo-yo??

LST= low stress training. Bending over tops and tying them down to make side branches turn into tops

HST= high stress training. Super cropping and the likes

Topping it cutting the top in between the next set of nodes. Often done in conjunction with LST (I do) but mostly on photos and ONLY once on autos as it can trigger flower early

FIMMING= fuck I missed it! When you go to top and you get one side or the other with it and end up with 3 tops instead of 4. Happens quite frequently

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Oh and yo-yo is exactly what sounds like they connect to the top of your tent and have string that wraps around a branch to hold them up.

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Oh yeah yeah I got the terms, but I guess I misunderstood because I thought scrog was LST by bending branches and such to the nets, ya know?? I think at this point since it’s my rodeo, I probably wont scrog, but will just try topping or fimming. I’d like to scrog, but I already bought a setup that is not conducive to that technique :confused: classic noob move.

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Watt-sun didn’t scrog. So watt-sun had to make a puppet show. Don’t be like watt-sun. Scrog lol @MutilatedMoth


Typically scrog is necessary for soil and non LST plants. There are exceptions but your DWC will giw fatty branches

LOLOLOLOL thanks bro X) it’s just gonna be a hassle with DWC. I keep going back and forth about it, I really want to I just dunno if I can

Not sure on what hydro growers use , but I regret not adding a silica supplement to firm up the branches so if you don’t scrog I’d def reccomend.
Good luck with your grow :metal: @MutilatedMoth

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Get a transfer pump with wand and a couple of extra buckets or totes. Prep your new res solution in one, pump the res you’re currently running into another, then refill res with your prepared solution.


Or just build something like this… rdwc … :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
I love these systems… :crazy_face::+1::grin::shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face::no_mouth:

My personal design … with built in chiller and extra 5 gallon reservoir just incase I have to be away for a week or 2… :grin:


I prefer the 5 gallon black setup, the undercurrent I made in the white buckets is nice but more work along the grow to keep things in check, water temp, ph, pump needing cleaned and so on.

The round 5 gallon system is very simple and functions amazingly


Here’s a few examples in an RDWC with SCROG. Rez is outside the grow space to keep things under 70F. If doing DWC, heat management is going to be your biggest issue. Root rot is nothing to sneeze at.


@PharmerBob DUDE. YOU SPEAK TO ME ON SO MANY LEVELS. YES! Thaaaaaat is exactly what I aspire to do!!! This is literally my first round and I just wanted to deal with ONE plant in 5gal just to get the gist of what is going on with this hobby! But I’m telling you right now dude, you’re setup would be EXACTLY what I can work with! We had similar setups for fish tanks at the store I worked at! You’re pic at first looked overwhelming but the more I stared, the more I understood and really appreciated what you have there!!