To SCROG or not to SCROG Photos & Nutes

Hey Y’all; so many new posts and I’m a newbie w/o enough time to read 'em all - my apology up front.
Need help deciding what to do with these Blueberry Photo-Fem’s, where, based on their branching, look like Male plants. Newbie, so I don’t know much about sexing although I’ve read Bergman’s explanations etc… In any case; those who have helped in the past with this grow - hasn’t gone so well and these gals have been through the wringer in the past 2mo. Calling on non-auto growers: @Spiney_norman @GenghisRon @Budz @fast-grow @CalamityJane @Dankloud et. al…
For those of you who have followed this grow (1st) Auto-Fem and Phot-Fem’s (never believed to survive the sprout) - I have five Blueberry-Fem Photos that have have been moved to a 2x4 tent - ‘cause I didn’t want to just leave them to…uh die.They were planted (transplanted 3X before finding a home (multiple plants) to 5Gal grow bags and one plastic pot.
Now I have a situation where one plant is very “langky” and big while the others are a bit smaller any more bushy. I have the new 2X4’ tent and want to make the outcome from a “newbie” grow. Also, I have some concern about potential over-watering or over Nutes.
I would like to SCROG but I don’t know how to deal with these - different sizes and growth patterns.
Any advice is welcome and appreciated! OH, pic #3 is a Northern Lights AF that I’ll be placing in the tent with the WWA and #1 NLA. FWIW - NLA #1 still hasn’t begun flowering yet - well maybe a bit - last pic front LT. WWA’s are Rear LT and RT and budding/


Pic 2 looks like it could be balls. Need a clearer picture of the actual node tho to be sure. Males do grow faster and skinnier than females. Feminized, according to 8th grade biology. Only gives a 75% chance of female instead of 50%. Like two parents with hazel eyes. It’s a medium trait. If it was dominant like brown eyes then that would be a different story. Then it’s actually specific to the parents but wouldn’t consider less than 82%. Anyway not the question or point. It’s most likely your feminized seeds will be female or hermie. Very low male. Since that hermie trait throws off the equation. And I’ve never been bothered to learn exactly how much. One thing to remember about femenized seeds, that father was born a female. It’s half hermie/half female

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Hey friend! :wave:
Thanks for the tag. I have only grown autos so far so not sure how much help I can be here.
I’ve also never SCROG’d… :sweat_smile:

@Budz help out my untrained eye here please - where are you seeing balls on pic 2? I’m probably being blind! :laughing:

I can see some kind of deficiency on the leaf in pic 6 - although I’m not good at diagnosing the issue, from others I’ve seen that are similar, and from what the experts say, it might be calcium deficiency…? Let’s see what the others say though…

Otherwise they look pretty good! Nice work my man! :v:

As I said, need better pictures. Not sure if this is a light beam on a calyx, it’s definitely not a pistil. The way the vegetation is protruding off the stalk in a calyx location leads me to believe it may be a ball with something behind it. Since calyx at the node will never protrude, balls always will. There will always be a stem between ball and stalk at a node. A calyx will always grow directly on the stalk.
Hermies and their nanners can be difficult for me to identify. But years spent helping in outdoor gurilla, we would kill all males while going around and topping females. In the middle of the night, jumping fences n shit. Not sure how it ended up being me and little brothers uncle (his operation) most of the time. Sometimes my mom would go. Lol. Otherwise he just did it solo. Altho by mid season when we topped, you could tell a male from a distance. Hence the main reason we killed them. A topped female is harder to notice in the wild than any male. All the propaganda and shit from the “drug war” depicted male hemp plants. You’d be surprised how many people will walk right past a topped female and never be the wiser. But see a male, immediately be like OMG POT! And then you just gotta abandon that patch. Blah. I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. Simpler times. Like when my brother noted earlier that instant start t8 ballasts only came out 10 years ago. I thought for a second and replied. "You’re right, 1990/2000/2010. All 10 years ago. Lol

Anyway. point being. Next to his hand in picture 2. If there’s a stem coming off the stalk like the blurry image kind of implies. That’s a ball. But, it’s blurry… so. Can’t say. Pistils in these areas usually X too. Before calyx even begin. So there should be nothing protruding. Unless it’s a male part.


First: too early for sexual differentiation. Keep an eye on nodes off main stem. That’s where you will see first signs.

You have a lot of plants in a 2 X 4 space: I’d have ONE plant in that volume.

Any plant that you wish to SCROG needs to be in it’s own screen. Think about it: if you have an issue with one plant or one plant finishes sooner, what do you do? Having an individual screen per plant allows you to pull it out and manipulate it, train it, prune, examine etc. So structure your grow around that.

I will also say I’ve yet to see a definitive yield improvement using a SCROG over more conventional training techniques (supercrop, FIM etc).

I do like the fact that you can both turn a round footprint into a rectangle and to flatten out the canopy. This is great if running high end LED’s as you can slam the light down on top and get decent canopy penetration.

Here’s an example of one of my SCROGS:

Just under a pound from that plant.


I agree that it is too early to tell sex but chances of a fem seed being male from a good breeder is less than 100-1. Herm on the other hand is a much higher ratio. Blueberry can be long and lanky, especially if the lighting iffy or too far away, even though it is supposed to be indica.
I don’t scrogg and also have way more crowding in my tent than I would like, (knew this would happen on my last grow but did it any way.)
I assume you have 2 tents?? I would flip these now or they might become a lot to handle size wise. You will know in a week or two if they have flowers or balls. To me they look hungry. Working at home today but I will look at your grow journal later and see what you have going on.

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Hey @CalamityJane thanks for responding. The WWA and NLA’s are in pics #4 and #8.
I’ll respond in the other’s for the BB-Photos about Sex and SCROG.
A possible Calcium deficiency???
I use Fox Farms Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom using their suggested feeding 2x weekly. As you can see these two mostly affected are not in fabric grow bags. However, I do see more of the same on the BB-Photos, but not as severe.
Pic #1 shows NL-Auto (Left and budding) and BB-Photo (Right) in plastic pots.
Pics 2 & 3 are BBP bigger plants - same as in the Sexing discussion. Will follow-up on that in separate thread.

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@fast-grow @Myfriendis410 (BEAUTIFUL plant!) @Budz - thanks - there’s a lot packaged up in your comments. I’ll try to respond to each point.
To begin; I didn’t expect these BBP’s to grow because of their early seedling etc… History there in my other posts. I should not have planted/transplanted them 2 and 3 in 5Gal bag, but I did given the above and initially being confined to 27x27 tent. These are now in the 2x4’ tent. As they say - it is what it is…
The design of the 2x4 tent does not easily allow me to individually SCROG these - so maybe some additional super-croping?? As with all of this - never done that before.
Below are a couple of closer-up (is that a word?) pics. Also, as I said to @CalamityJane; I have concern about discoloration on some leaves. Calcium deficiency here too?


Looks like you should be adding cal mag to your watering regimen.


Alrighty - I’ll need to get some quick-fast-and in a HURRY 'cause I’m scheduled to give them nutes later today :crazy_face:

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Crikey! Good eye my friend! Thanks for that.
Also, your story intrigues me…just… whaaa?? :hushed:

What part of it? This was on the platau in TN in the early 2000s. Still not legal in that state. People don’t notice anything but the obvious. Male plants are obvious as they grow faster and taller than females in the same environment. While Ms Mary Bible belt would never notice a bushy female no taller than the surrounding vegetation, she would see a male and say “look a sunflower… wait. There’s no sunflower… is… is that weed!!! Better call the police.” It was actually a pretty big thing in the area. They had pesky pork choppers with infrared cameras that would give away your patch if you frequently visited it going the same path. Because the computer already knows all the regular walking paths in the forests. Standing stone state park and waterloo where the better spots, better but more risk than the fence lines. They are both popular free family outings in the area. I once stood next to a plant for half a day and never knew it till Jerry pointed it out. It’s just not something you expect, so you don’t notice. Unless it sticks out like a sore thumb. That area of the country was still primarily Mexican brick weed when I left it in 2006. His was considerably better, but not the monsters you see today. I wouldn’t try to grow today’s plants at waterloo at all. I’d probably get lost in the forest trying to go deep enough to feel safe to put them. As I said. Simpler times. But hey, the weeds gotten a lot better since then. Lol

It just sounded a crazy story - maybe it’s not for you but compared to my vanilla life it sounds really interesting. I never have any fun stories to tell but I love hearing everyone else’s! Gurillas, weed farms in the plateau, just sounds like a cool story. :v:

Fox Farms Cal-Mag on its way - should be here Thursday at the latest.
I’ve been lighting these 18/6 to gain some additional Veg growth for the smaller BB-Photos.
Is it time to move to a 12/12 lighting and begin flowering - if only to know sex and remove any Hermies or Males?


Hey @Budz and @Myfriendis410; what do you think - should I move to 12/12 light and move to flowering?
Yes, they’re old enough…I believe I shall.

Then why ask? It is your grow after all.

LOL - because if you had said “No no no y’damn fool - give’em some CAL-MAG and another feeding first…” etc., the I would have said - Oh Okay!

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If they were mine I’d chase down your deficiencies and correct before going into flower. Something you can get away with growing photoperiod. Plants are still too young to show sexual differentiation so if you have the room and time I’d veg longer.


Just threw this girl into darkness this morning. Gotta get net and stuff up day after tomorrow when the light comes on. I’ve only added nutrients twice. Gotta let the soil and new soil introduced during transplants do its work before you “salt it to death”. Get ya moneys worth. But she’s in 10 gal pot of happy frog w/ little extra perlite and myko. Lots of nutrients already there. My poor slow finishers got sent to the 4x4 with 5 lights in a Ballin on a budget set up. Lol. Small 301h light, a blurple, 3 strips. They don’t seem to mind. But notice the size difference. Cost of rushing nature.

The plant leaving veg took more room than these 4. Happy veg before flip vs unhappy.

I fed half strength when using the trio every other watering. My thought was autos require less nutes than photos. Possible nute overload??