To remove fans leaves or not?

So my one plant is growing very short and bushy. Im noticing new growth struggling to grow up through the fan leaves. Should i remove a couple of big ones to let the new growth get some light and stretch up?


No, because the larger fan leaves are what’s fueling new growth; however, I would prune new axial limbs for shape if you plan on doing that, and then use LST wire to splay the remaining leaves out more so that the leaves aren’t touching. The overlapping leaves that touch are an ideal environment for pests, and they’ll move into the prebuilt cocoons.

I wouldn’t worry too much about overlapping leaves, as long as you’re diligent about checking them on a routine basis. Extreme measures aren’t necessary.

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I noticed while moving the leaves around that there was moisture being trapped between some of the leaves that were overlapping. Should i be worried about that?

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Worried? No. But remedy it, even if that means just getting more airflow into the understory of the canopy.