To prune or not to prune. Help

my dirls after a week in ICU

As seen space is very limited. next grow i will only do 2/ probably BD. 2350nis a heater but i think the slower growth is beneficial because im going for strength and good canopy formation. i did not top these at all they are under intense LST no lollipoping there are a lot of well formed under branching on all. i can only contribute that to strength of LED ighting. clearly the max distance to canopy is 12 inches. i got these knock offs from WEB. they work fairly well/ this is my first attempted grow using them for complete cycle so im interested to truly see if there is a yeild or density difference that is very noticable.


**can somebody let my girls know they sexy! they didnt even ask for a get well card after bad nutient burns!
thanks all

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@Viktor7 your girls are sexy
And look good even if you dare d burn them a bit
But I’ll recommend you start your own thread so we can follow along and not to high jack @MaineCoonMom thread lol
Tag me in to your thread if you do hahaha
Happy growing :v:️CB


Cool & sorry @MaineCoonMom. I was a bit space.

Those girls are smoke shows

Girls are looking good


Beautiful ladies :+1::heart:

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I want to make sure I don’t over grow it. The weather here has been exceptional during the day. She’s really filling out

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That’s so awesome. I’m sure you will figure it out :blush::+1:

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What stage are you at it can be very important but if you a still in veg you should be fine just don’t over do it but give plenty of time and some T L C you should be sound I hope this helps you.

She is well into flower…my question now is when do I pull it up, to start drying.,a few of the buds are really brown😮


Your growing partner annoys me. Can you tell them?

I didn’t scroll up do you have spider mites?

Lol, I don’t have a grow partner

Sorry I was responding to @SmoknGranny

Talk to me there please :grin:

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They might be hijacking your thread… :wink:
@MaineCoonMom your baby still looks young… I know you brought her inside… what kind of lights are you using?
They might start to die without enough light… :wink:
But they don’t even look close to being done…
How long have they been in flower ?

More info chicki… :wink:
I will try to help… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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I was torn about pulling it and drying it out
I know it didn’t look done but the buds to me look like they were getting diseased or maybe even Bud rot
I don’t quite think it was Bud rot but I didn’t want to wait for the plant to die I not that I’ve ever grown weed before, but I’m really really good with other plants so I knew it was time to do something about it
Thanks for your help…wish me luck


I still haven’t tried the defoliation method yet , soooo…
I can’t give any advice on that as of yet…
Maybe I’ll try it next round… :crazy_face::rofl::joy::smiley::smile::upside_down_face::grin: