To nute or not to nute? That is the question

Ok so I have a grow journal, and I know there is lots of threads for nutes but I would like reccomendations specific to my grow .

I am growing photos in FFOF and I’m growing under Qb Lights.

I am two days into the flip to flower(7th week total) . I have not seen any issues as far as deficiencies go from start of seedlings . I have not supplemented any nutes as a haven’t had a reason to. I keep my ph in check and my ppms have not dropped below 1700

I read a lot on what people add for a better grow as apposed to waiting for deficiencies . Should I start some type of supplementation now to just assist with a better grow ?

Should I wait ?

What should I start?

Any opinions would be amazing .

Ocean forest has what your plant wants to stay green I’m veg… in flower transition your plant will be in much higher demand of potassium and phosphorus not to mention the other macros calcium and magnesium is greatly nessecarry in good bud … that’s just the start you need a multitude of micro nutrients and sugars amino acids vitamins and minerals that aren’t in any all in 1bbottle there are some really good 1 bottle amendments but they must he added to a normal feeding regiment… what ever brand nutrients you go with there are secondary bottle after bottle to make a1 bud without the extra dont expect a1 u get what you pay for ... look into a product called moonshine nutrient enhancer ..that with any 3 part grow bloom and micro and cal mag and u can grow good canabis moonshine is a pricey product 70 a liter buts got countless great things all in one it’s like 4 or 5 bottles of other products all in one

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Shortly after flipping the lights nutrients will be needed. I perfer to stay organic and use super soil. That’s not an option you have at this point. If you want to stay organic nectar of the gods is one I see people use here with good success. If organic isn’t a priority maybe something like fox farm open Sesame, beastie bloom and cha ching trio is an option and help produce nice fat buds. Flush required on those. Not sure about notg needing a flush. Treating with cal/mag is something I do once a week during the stretch.

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Ppms at 1700… i wouldnt feed yet. If u do, start at 1/4 strength of whatever line you should choose. 2 days after flip, they dont want any bloom nutes. For all intensive purposes they still are vegging thru transition. N ur early in transition at that.

Know ur ready to feed. But remember KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Its much easier to underfeed and correct then to overdo it and go back in time. Much akin to overwatering vs underwatering.

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Yea I really just wanted ideas for a line to go with . So when I’m ready I can buy. I don’t think I am ready yet but it’s the recommendations I was looking for.

Not many people recommending though

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General Hydroponics Flora series: works well in coco, Promix, soil, DTW, Recirc etc. You can run a base nute ‘Lucas’ formula or use the entire line. It’s a bit less expensive than many, as well.

GH was bought out by Scott’s a couple of years ago if that matters (it was a Monsanto product) and while it is not organic per se it does use excellent ingredients and is easy to use. I in fact just put one plant in jars last week that I pulled over 14 oz from. That was in Promix with the full line of GH Flora series.


Not all of their stuff is organic, and I feel like the people who are successful here with it are also using other products.

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Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our community.

When they started to flower and you fliped the lights, you should have started the bloom fase of your nutrients. I use Scots Supper Blooms. Here the link…

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I have flipped light but no flower yet

Hang in there my friend. They will

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@fano_man was it you that told me you found a way to buy that moonshine for plants? Trying to track down who mentioned that to me.

Yes that was me but it’s not moonshine like alchohol it’s a brand called "moonshine …nutrient enhance

here is the ingredients label…best non nutrient supplement I have ever seen along with microbe life foliar spray and root dip and the whole emerald harvest line in conjunction is having all 9 bottles since I bought the whole line at lower then amazon prices he gave a 2.5 gallon jug of same lines cal mag …250$ jug for the free.
I’m getting results like this

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