To much rain? Should I harvest?

Been through 2 weeks of rain. Some pistils are turning brown. But other flowers on same plant are white and very pretty. And into week 4 of flower…seems so small.

Top buds mature faster. Some cut the tops off and let the rest mature. I think it depends on the plant and the grower.:sunglasses:

Its in various places on each plant tho. Maybe a top bud is turning but just across the plant its a pretty white flower. And the smell… They smell so good. Last year I harvested when pistils were 40-60. But it was just one plant. Now I have 4 and its just so odd that they are doing this. The 2 weeks of rain has me wondering if I ruined them

look at the trichomes under magnification to check their stage of development. check your buds for problems like brown bud rot, or infestations. if all is healthy and trichomes arent milky or amber then Id say wait

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Most of em are milky. Hardly any clear. And the smell is very strong. Good thing I live waaay out in the country. Anyway…Give em 1 more week see how it goes…maybe 2. Then gonna harvest. It’ll be almost week 6 if I wait 2 more weeks. A little earlier than what I wanted. But better than nothing

Give us a picture. The way you described it, you may have bud rot


I will soon. Its dark out as of now. But yes, I think the rain has jacked everything all up. Starting to find wilted yellow leaves

wilted yellow leaves in lower fan leaves near harvest time may be a normal part of cannabis life cycle. not to worry if thats the only sign.

Damn…so nerve racking. Most of my buds are nice looking, and smell so good. Im gonna try to hold out 2 more weeks. I was really hoping for more size tho

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20181001_154512 20181001_154143 20181001_154323 20181001_154253

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The buds look small to you guys??

A little but it may be due to them only being 4 weeks into flower. Most strains are 8+ weeks to flower completely. Are they getting direct sun during the day?

Getting early morning light untill about 11, then under a big shade tree till about 4. Then they get evening sun. Its just all the amber hairs on various buds on the different plants. Has me worried the rain got them