To Much Nutrients?

I currently have some plants in flower and some I’m about to flip into flower. They are all in Fox Farm Coco soil and I am using the Fox Farm nutrients. A buddy of mine said I should add Bone Meal in the soil on top of the nutrients I’m already giving them. Not sure if that will be too much for the plants.

Those will do fine on their own. They’re already really potent. I wouldn’t add anything additional.


I use FF trio and once they go to flower I stop using the Grow Big… you want to decrease N at this point so they stop focusing on growing new foliage and start concentrating on bud building.

I use Liquid Bone Meal ONLY if I see a phosphorus deficiency… it works wonders.

Only other things I add to the FF Trio would be Cal/Mag, Epsom Salt and micronutrients in small amounts. I also add Silca to my outdoor plants to help deal with our heat.


This is just a question but doesn’t the plant desire more P/K than just the big bloom ,and tiger bloom contain?
On top of the trio I also use the water soluble trio however I did the same thing @Caligurl did and deleted the grow big for flowering .
I may not also be the best to judge and say it did or didn’t help or not because this is my first grow ever …but I will say since starting the water soluble the trichome production and over all mass of the buds has increased noticeably


Big Bloom is super light on all NPK.

If I think I need extra P or K, I add soluble potash but I’ve never really had any need to add anything else. Of course, I have the arsenal of almost everything LOL… Insect Frass, Bat Guano, Worm casting tea mix, etc… I just use those for giggles sometimes when I feel like giving them a little something extra :wink:

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I would start at 1/4 dose then 1/2 dose after that. Most foxfarm soils have plenty of food for about a month.