To much light during veg?

I read when I first started it was ok to do 24 hours of veg. Lighting. I have a UFO 120 (UNIT farm) in my 2x4. Now I can’t find where I read that and most of what I’ve read lately is lights off at times. Am I harming the plants at 24/7?

I’m not trying to sell this, I was just giving a link of what I’m using. Sorry

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yea they need some sleep time @Rev i let my seedlings get 4-6 hrs dark everyday

Ok. I will need to figure how to keep heat up when it’s off. I actually have a reptile ceramic bulb in there now for heat. Going to need another one for when the light is off.

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yea i had to purchase a heater this year too…lol
always throwing dough at my grow!


Lol. Tents in the unheated side of basement and outside was below zero here in Boston alot this year. But with veg. LED light and one ceramic bulb I maintain an even 72


So I want to like your post but it keeps throwing a like and a heart and I don’t want to give the wrong impression so soon. Lol


no prob @Rev

I’ve taken clones that I didn’t really have room for, and placed them under fluorescent 24/0 without issue. And by that I mean they rooted and survived. I wouldn’t expect you would get as much growth that way for an extended period of time.


Cannabis plants grow without hassle under 24 hours of continuous light. There has been no controlled recordings of increased hermaphroditism or problems-- most growers now use the full 24/0 cycle.


good info to know! thank you will!

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Get a cheapie oil-filled portable heater for your tent. It has nothing in it that will set the tent on fire. Set the thermostat to 65 F and you’re good to go. It will keep your tent warm enough at night with the lights off and will never come on during lights on. They have one for $30 at Lowes.


As I said, I am using a infrared no light ceramic reptile bulb to keep tent warm. It is effective and it has no light but it does say “infrared” is it possible it is actually giving of light or am I just reaching here. Over thinking…

That’s probably not good. Just because its wavelengths are beyond the visible spectrum doesn’t mean your plant won’t respond to it. In fact, You’re still above 25% relative quantum efficiency to the 720ish nanometer range.

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Is it one of those ceramic plate thingies that screw into a lamp socket, or is it a regular incandescent bulb with a dark red filter on it? I doubt the plant would respond to the ceramic plate type.

If you are in veg, adding more light could help. A heat lamp is just a bad lamp. It makes 0 lumens per watt. You might as well just run a light because light watts have exactly the same heating effect as heat lamp watts.

It’s only during flower that you might want heat without light.

Plate thingies that screws into socket. It is when I go into flower is when I’m nervous. I packed to many plants in so cannot do a small heater liked mentioned so thinning alternatives.

I am a newbie so making my mistakes. Next round fewer plants and learning how to scrog. Will only do 1 or 2 different strains. I have 5 strains going and moving plants to a friend’s house once i outgrow tent. I have a second tent but want to save that so I have some going veg and some flowering at same time

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That plate emitter is fine for heating your tent during the dark period. Plants do not see that heat.

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Well still having fun learning. Going to do so many things differently on my next cycle. This is my first try and I have plants all over the place in growth. Started with bad soil and lacking nutes. Continuing to correct with a ton of patience. Here are 2 pics of some that are doing better


They’re responding nicely. New growth looks good.