To much foliage!

So here is a question I never thought I would have to ask. Just started my second week of flowering Goldleaf in a coco grow. The 2 in Hydro and 1 of them in coco are doing great. Good internode heights, plenty of distance between fan leaves and colas. The one I am having an issue with now has 18 colas from LST, is 32" tall and 40" across. A beautiful bushy plant! What I am concerned about is the amount of fan leaves and the fact it is almost impossible to get them from laying on top of each other at the top of the canopy. I have a fan circulating on them but I still see moisture developing between the leaves due to transpiration. I am worried about mold. Any input on what I could do to prevent that short of trimming? I really don’t want to do that, especially this far into flowering, and risk her going Hermie. I will get some newer pics up in the morning, this one is a week old.

Ignore the white spots, just the left over from a DE application I hadn’t washed off yet :slightly_smiling:

Keep the fan humming if it really is too much foliage as your plant stretches some will droop down die and be reabsorbed by the plant as they lack light leaves die off so long as you keep air movement and humidity in check you will be fine :wink:

Thanks Donald. I was thinking so, keeping humidity down and running the oscillating constantly. The pic above isn’t to bad but as I said that was a week ago when I just switched to flower. It has doubled in denseness since then lol. Have to love genetic differences in the same strain! The other 3 have grown more up while this one definitely took the indica side of things and went bushy lol