To Moderators & Administrators: Private Messaging?


This is why I didn’t chime in :wink: Saw this discussion on here before.


Picture size limit is due to so many images being shared that it blows up the bandwidth, and with approx. 1,000,000 pages views a month, you can imagine how much memory storage is being used on picture after picture.

All I do is open a folder and copy/paste images into that folder. Right click on a photo and select “edit”. Choose 50% and that is a perfect forum size. Save the image and do the others you need to resize and then upload them.

IN regard to PM. We shut down PM because people were selling product and exchanging personal contact info, (as mentioned). This type of private activity leads to illegal sales of Cannabis products and scamming. i.e. Some guy talks you into this great deal for weed or seeds or a bong or whatever, and then he rips you off. Well :slight_smile: Not here.

Thanks for your understanding. lw-admin


For me privacy and safety is a biggie. I really appreciate the steps you have taken to insure it. Whether people agree or not there could come a time that you are very thankful for what they have done here.


This forum is the fn’ best. Always friendly. Best information out there. Look around. Safety first ALWAYS. People abuse the system if and where they can. I know this is safe. Top notch administration. Quick responses. What else could you ask for.