To Moderators & Administrators: Private Messaging?

Hello Admins and Mods!

I joined this forum recently and am enjoying my interactions with other members and the community in general a great deal. It’s apparent to me that a private messaging setup is missing and likely disabled intentionally?

I would love to find out why the decision was made to disable the ability for members to PM each other and build closer bonds and relationships? Is there anyway you would consider re-enabling this functionality so that we can share both publicly and privately as necessary?

I thank you all in advance for your consideration :slight_smile: :v:t3:

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Can’t contact each other at all on this forum. I think they set it up like this for a reason.

I think it’s to keep us safe. It’s the first forum I’ve been in without pm’s, but I can deal with it.

There was PMing allowed, but apparently people were abusing it. That’s why they took it away.

When I dig into the settings, there is an option to turn off private messaging and to block users should they be abusive in anyway.

I’m not sure why the entire feature needs to be turned off when each individual user has control over if they want to participate in DM’s or not.

I’m going to assume it was done to incentivize public content creation which is the purpose of this forum and it generates value by having content that everyone can access.

Having said this, I believe there is room for both and really really hope that the mods/admins will reconsider turning it back on?


@Whodat66 & @Wildwest

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I agree, I’d love to have PM over here.


It is off for personal safety. Many are in non legal areas and at risk. I undestand and agree with their decision.


I don’t understand how having the option for each person to enable/disable PM is a safety issue but I am all ears if someone cares to explain.

I can make this easy. The forum is free. No PMs. The Lab : paying customers have PM.


Ooooohhhhh, very interesting sir. I’ll have to look into the paid membership and see what other advantages there are.

So maybe it wasn’t so much about our safety and more about a sound business decision :grin:


Where do you go for the “paid” thing? Is it also easier to post pix? It won’t accept pix from my phone. Says they’re too big. I love ILGM forum BUT these shortcomings keep me from being a more frequent visitor/contributor

For that just pass your pics on your phone through a resize app. They are a dime a dozen in the app stores. I don’t blame the forums for having image size limits, I think they are quite generous with that.

Most forums don’t provide image hosting, they expect you to host elsewhere and link in your post.

I can’t seem to find an app that will shrink the file size. They all want you to crop the picture. Do you know an app that will just reduce image resolution? Every forum I belong to either hosts images or is accessible with Tapatalk that hosts images. I haven’t had to use something like Photobucket in a LOoong time.

If I’m trying to show a plant in an image and it’s full frame but I have to cut the image in half to get the upload function to work, then the picture is useless. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find a way to change image resolution on an iPhone image.

What gets me is that I’ve posted pix here before. Same phone. Sometimes they will upload and sometimes they won’t. Images are the same size each time - the camera is set to take them at a particular size and resolution. What I blame the site for is having software that isn’t consistent and that doesn’t simply take the upload and convert it into whatever size and resolution they want images. It’s a simple function that’s common in forum software. I don’t care that they have limits on the file size - that’s completely reasonable! But I DO feel that it’s the site’s responsibility to have software that functions with the most common ways people will access and use the site. 1/2 the world uses iPhones. If you’re going to allow images to be uploaded, I think it’s incumbent on the site to have a system in place that allows the seamless uploading of an iPhone camera’s image to be uploaded from that iPhone; without having to go through 4th party apps. At least if you want your site to be the biggest success it can be. Just sayin.

Yes ILGM mirrors real life.
The have’s and the have not’s.
It’s a class system and if not for half a dozen good cyber friends, I would not be here.

As for private messaging in the “have not’s” side I understood there was some “phishing” type activity where folks that had bad intent (or were law enforcement) presnting themselves as “fellow growers.” I am likely wrong but thought this was what latewwod implied some time back.

Your on point @Screwauger
To my understanding it was disabled to protect all involved
Also we do not allow personal contact to be traded on the forum this is also to protect our members
Ill also mention if caught sharing contact info all members involved will be suspended period of time would be up to Admin not the Moderators

All you need to do crop or resize the picture in your photo editing which im sure you phone has from the factory i use a iphone and have no issues

The forum is a free service that costs lots real $$ and i dont think it can be called a short coming if they ask you to resize the picture since you can post as many as you wish

Would you be happier if they made you pay for the membership?



I get your angle, but honestly, the image size cap and lack of auto resize is the least of my worries. I’m just happy they provide free image hosting. Pretty killer if you ask me. Anyways, I started this thread to discuss Direct Messaging, so I ask that we please stay on topic :v:t3:


It’s nice to hear back from a moderator. I feel obligated to say that I’m actually very happy with this forum and enjoy interacting with this community. So please don’t think I’m here to complain. I’m just wishing I could use DM from time to time and find it holding me back.

I do however respect and understand that the forum administrators have made the decision to keep it turned off for safety, I suppose better safe than sorry, so good on you guys/galls for looking out :ok_hand:t3:


Word. They had me at ‘for your safety’… im in the ‘innocent dummi’ category they are protecting. Thanks :facepunch:t5: Awesome site btw if i havent said it today :joy:


@latewood would be the person to answer your question but it’s clearly been answered safely of are members is number 1


@Hogmaster, yep, I don’t expect more explanations at this point. After it was explained it makes pretty good sense and as I mentioned above, I’m happy and respect that the moderators/admins are looking out for the community :+1:t3:

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