To many Fan leaves?

These are White Widow, 3.2 weeks into flower, these were from the Same batch of seeds but two of the plants are short and two tall, genome difference If I understand it right, but any way the tall ones I’ve thinned out well enough, but these short ones seem like all the lower bud sites seem covered up and I can’t imagine thinning these out without causing problems… opinions needed, wanted, desired, and appreciated !!:):sunglasses:
Happy growing all.

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Plants are looking really good buddy. Now, the fan leaves, a lot of people on here are against cutting them off, my self, I cut the lower ones and tuck and remove some of the higher one’s. Look up lollipoping, it’s removing the lower buds that are really just suckers. They take away energy from your main buds. Here’s a pic of my white widow auto 38 days old. This one is topped

Hello Hornhead, thanks for the feed back on my post, your white widow looks wonderful, I also topped mine, lst, and scrog, I have defoliated under the scrog and am getting some light through the canopy, I’m just concerned the multiple bud sites are going to suffer from the fan leaves, but at the same time don’t want to shock her as she seems really happy, its definitely a balancing act.
I do have some pencil lead thick stems with small bud sites that I don’t feel will amount to anything but unsure weather to cut them as of now
I appreciate you responding, I seen where you jumped that newbies ass for the double post, I shot one back at you, hope you thick skin, life is stress, but shit we all were new once…peace.

Yeah I wasn’t trying to be an ass, but this one person in particular has asked the same questions on the same plants I swear 20 different times he just needs to start a grow Journal and put everything in there a lot of us live in different time zones or have jobs you just got to give us time to get to you. Now, the little bud you’re talking about go ahead and remove them your plan will be fine I’ve been removing sucker buds for the past 2 days and I’m about a week, week and a half into flower. You’ll be fine

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The bottom structure of your plant it looks just like mine

If you can see I did a lot of super cropping and lollipopping

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Just seen this post, Hornhead, I feel ta some times people can just get on your nerves, happens to me every damn day…I defoliated and have been picking leaves here and there but scared on some of these sucker buds, have a ton of them, I’m getting good light penatration and was hoping for growth but now feel there pulling from the main colas but afaid to shock them.

I say go ahead and remove them

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Do you just remove bud or whole stem?

I remove the whole branch’s. Here’s what the bottom of nine looks like. Honesty, I need to remove more

Yeah the lollipop looks good, I’m afraid to do alot during flower, how do you get such clear pics ,do you turn off plant lights?

No, my lights just put off a more natural color. And or my camera phone is pretty good