To heavy any help

Ok I’m on day 100. I though I had autos. But I was wrong I have cut 18 inches off Bruce banner and no nanners yet. My other is gglue#4 it is a thirty one. My only issue is I run a dwc and it is to late to scorg them. I like checking there intake every 2 days. But now she is a big girl with alot of top weight. Any suggestions from people that made the same mistakes as me?? How can I fix this? Thk U Family

This is the gglue#4.

B banner


What’s your light schedule? If those are photos ya need to flip to 12/12. Did you purchase these as autos or photos?

They have been on a 12/12. I bought autos. But was send photos.

You had autos on 12/12? Either way no worries as long as you flipped to 12/12.

Buy 6’ bamboo sticks and a roll of cotton twine. 4 sticks per pot and run the twine around or in between as needed for support. I’ve had the top heavy problem several times and that how I fix it

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I started to ask what the concern was about throwing an elastic scrog around them. But your horizontal space may make that challenging. Considered tomato cages at all? You could easily flip it upside down depending on your dwc setup and weave branches accordingly to keep good light penetration.

Buy a bag of plant yoyo’s off amazon. Tie up branches so they dont fall over.
And from the pics I would say they aren’t close to heavy yet. You will need the yoyos…

Scrog never worked for me with dwc because you cant lift plant to fix any problems in grow containers.

You can tie a strin to the stem u want held up and tie it to the top of the tent or strap some bamboo around your bucket and tie branches off to that

Thks all I just ordered a 20 pack of yo yo’s. Ant I still may try the bamboo also.