To harvest or not

I’m seriously thinking about harvesting her before her leaf buds turn yellow and fall off too, any opinions? Her trichs are just starting to turn cloudy

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She’s not ready she’ll take another 2-4 weeks and probably fatten up nicely. You will need to fix the issues first though. She looks to be hungry for some iron could be from a lockout because of ph fluctuation, I can’t be sure without some history

I have cal mag here, should I hit her with some?

And yes, she had a rough childhood lol

Do you ph your water? It probably won’t hurt to give a lite dose of nutes especially if you haven’t been feeding, I don’t think it’s just cal-mag but need to make sure ph is ok because if you have been feeding them and it’s a lockout if you continue feeding your libel to burn em



That cup has a good ph, ppm, and temp

I’m. Chasing your around on threads trying to help lol…
Let’s try and stick to one thread so we can keep all the information and opinions/advice in one spot.

@MeEasy that’s cuz we just did a flush and a soil slurry test.
Now we have the PH within range every time you feed you need to ensure your giving 6.5-6.8 PH water or feed.

What nutrients line do you have, because your plant needs a feeding now. So we refer to the feed chart and do it via ppm. Then we oh it before giving the plant a feed.


I was just saying that if you haven’t checked your soil/water ph that you should before feeding. If you know your ph is good I would feed because your plants look hungry

I’ll step out @Nicky I wasn’t aware someone was already ahead of me on trying to help… good luck guys/gals

@MeEasy lol no my friend join us, your giving solid advice it was direct at the op lol.
I’m not some over ruling God here you don’t need to step out Lol,i would like your comments if I had any likes to give.

I agree with @MeEasy we know your PH is within range and your plants are hungry so we need to know your nutrient line and the age of the plant this will give us an idea what to feed tds/ppm wise as she’s hungry.


Idk if u have one or not but she needs a fan to help thicken up those branches to support the buds

I would definitely not chop it yet. Your plant doesn’t even look that bad I don’t believe you are in any danger of losing the buds. I have a plant in flower right now that every fan leaf turned brown on and died lol, she’s still putting out new calyx clusters all over and buds look dank as could be. Hang in there and let these guys help you get it to a bountiful harvest. Just my thoughts.

Thank you so much my dude :metal::metal::metal:

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